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The office isn’t dead – it just looks different

Modern office space

Real Strategy magazine cover

What’s the latest water cooler talk at the office? You might have missed it since you’re likely only going in two or three times a week. The reality is that hybrid work is here to stay. In our tenth issue of Real Spaces Magazine, we explore this theme further and update you on the latest market trends from the third quarter of 2022. Real Strategy is also proud to showcase the amazing new space of Sicotte Guilbault with input from Sophie Parisien (COO at Sicotte) and Robin Peixoto (Principal and Interior Designer at Parallel 45 Design Group).

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Magnetic space with Sicotte Guilbault Legal Services

Sicotte Guilbault office space

Real Strategy sat down with our client Sophie Parisien (COO at Sicotte Guilbault Legal Services) and Robin Peixoto (Principal and Interior Designer at Parallel 45 Design Group Ltd.) to discuss the new Sicotte Guilbault office. Real Strategy was proud to assist the firm in finding a new home so the Sicotte team could come back together post-COVID to be more collaborative and connect in person.

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Workspace inspiration gallery

Modern office space

In today’s hybrid work environment, workstations need to cater to flexibility while still being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we’re featuring a range of Herman Miller office products with unparalleled designs, comfort, construction, and functionality. Whether it’s a modern take on vintage looking desks or their renowned Aeron Chair, Herman Miller’s solutions seamlessly combine ergonomics with style.

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Ottawa Commercial Real Estate Market Overview – Q3 2022

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Rampant inflation and rising interest rates continued throughout the third quarter of 2022. In spite of a labour market that is still very hot, economists and business leaders are starting to believe a short-term cooling-off period may be on the horizon. Due to the adoption of hybrid work, the significant trends in the office market have been tenant downsizing and flight to quality. This domino effect will only continue as the inevitable reality of the federal government’s portfolio rationalization looms ever closer.

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