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The Glebe Centre

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What we do

The Glebe Centre is unique in Eastern Ontario as it is the only registered charity that integrates a long-term care home with a senior’s community centre.

The long-term care home has 254 residents housed on eight floors. One of these floors is for Chinese people (the only such long-term-care home in Ottawa that has such a floor) and they benefit from staff who speak Cantonese or Mandarin and meals prepared by a traditional Chinese chef. All residents benefit from staff-driven arts,music and other mental stimulation activities. 

The senior’s community centre (located on the same block as the Glebe Centre), called Abbotsford House, offers fitness, art, languages and other programming for 540 seniors from across the city. An additional 500 clients benefit from home support services such as help with housework, meal preparation, companionship and drives to medical appointments, among others.Abbotsford also operates a two part”Day Away” program. One provides social and recreational activities for people living with early to mid- stages of dementia. The other brings together their caregivers for respite from caregiving.

Abbotsford House is well-loved by members and clients alike.


  • Individual donations: 78%
  • Other charities: 14%
  • Corporate donations: 3%
  • Endowments: 2%
  • Other: 3%

Funding priorities

Our Long-Term Care Home has adopted the Butterfly Model of Care, a program that was developed by a 

UK-based dementia care change organization. The model rests on the belief that for people experiencing dementia, feelings matter most. In a Butterfly Model people living with dementia can thrive in a “person-centred” environment. Butterfly  incorporates several key components and guides and nurtures leadership, staff, families and care partners to be person-

centred and relationship focused through established methodologies, tools, and staff “Being a Butterfly” training workshops. Funding of over $600,000 is needed for staff training replacement and painting of our home to make it look and feel like a real home.

At Abbotsford House, our 150 year old home has undergone extensive renovations (new roof, soffits and a porch) but other important projects remain ($42,500).

glebe centre

How you can help


In the Long-Term Care Home donations are needed to fund the Butterfly Model of Care ($600,000+); to fund the purchase of electric resident beds (10 @ $2,500 each); to support art,music and mental interaction equpment($10,000). Funding for Abbotsford would support select renovations (Crafts Room @ $25,000, a revamped pottery studio @ $10,000 and a new front door @ $7,500). 


The Glebe Centre engages over 300 volunteers a year, but groups are always welcome to help with grounds gardening; to engage with long-term care residents (post-COVID); to help with craft fairs, resident art shows, galas and a 2023 fundraising walk. 


Chinese Gala

A June fundraising event at the Shanghai One Restaurant to raise funds for the Chinese floor at the Glebe Centre. 

Abbotsford House Gala 

An exciting fundraising event in October at the Horticulture Building held in support of the Abbotsford House featuring cocktails, dinner and live and silent auctions. 


77 Monk St., Ottawa, Ont., K1S 5A7


Year founded: 1971

Total revenue for last fiscal year: $424,966

Facebook: @TheGlebeCentreInc.

Lawrence Grant, Executive Director

Gary Katz, President,

Board of Directors

Anne Scotton, Vice-President

Sheila Bauer, Treasurer

Benjamin Tsang, Director

Lori Lennox, Director

Rebecca McKeen, Director

Allan Fraser, Director

James Bowie, Director 

Susan Chibuk, Director

Robert Seguin, Director

Kim Melanson, Director