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The evolution of philanthropy

Despite being one of society’s oldest practices, there is so much that’s new in the art of giving.

Giving Guide cover image
Giving Guide cover image

Despite being one of society’s oldest practices, there is so much that’s new in the art of giving.

Here in Ottawa, a dynamic charitable sector is driving innovation thanks to the hard work of the city’s enthusiastic AFP Ottawa Chapter, numerous foundations and nonprofits, a diverse range of community initiatives as well as countless individual volunteers. Philanthropy is part of who we are, and our passion for giving is reflected across the country.

At their very core, Canadians are an inclusive, forward-thinking and charitable group. We often think beyond ourselves. We believe in social justice. We embrace what’s needed for the common good.

According to a recent discussion paper by Imagine Canada, the national charitable and nonprofit sector employs approximately two million people and amounts to up to eight per cent of GDP. Make no mistake: It is an industry onto itself and, like any industry, it must evolve to meet the challenges of the future.
Armed with a rich history and tradition, the fundraising sector across this country is marching forward.

As society evolves, so do its philanthropic habits. While our needs have never been greater, fundraising professionals are seeking new ways to increase donations, inspire volunteerism and promote community involvement. The sector is grappling with how to entice and retain the best talent in their foundations and organizations. The need for leadership and unity has never been greater.
It is with these thoughts in mind that the inaugural Ottawa Giving Guide is born.

A celebration of Ottawa’s charitable sector

A joint venture between the Ottawa Business Journal, the Foundation (WCPD) and AFP Ottawa Chapter, this annual resource is a rallying cry for those who are passionate about giving in our great city.

Inside, you will find important information on many of the foundations and nonprofits working hard day-in and day-out to make our home a better place. The Foundation (WCPD), founding partner and sponsor of the guide, was pleased to underwrite this cost to make the listings as inclusive as possible.

Sprinkled throughout the guide you will also find articles on what is new, exciting and interesting in Ottawa in the realm of philanthropy.

Our hope is that the Giving Guide helps to share the AFP message and mission to the public, connects Ottawa’s business and not-for-profit communities as well as celebrating some of the cross-sector partnerships already in play.

Ultimately, we’d like to see our community build on its culture of philanthropy, providing recognition to the sponsors, donors and volunteers already engaged, and to shine a light on the various organizations providing much-needed charitable services.

The Ottawa Giving Guide is a celebration of our charitable sector as well as the beliefs and virtues that make us Canadian. It is a voice for good and a catalyst for change.

As you read through the guide, we encourage all of our citizens to consider how they can get more involved to make our city a better place. In the end, OBJ, the Foundation (WCPD) and AFP Ottawa hope that the Ottawa Giving Guide helps unify all that is good in our nation’s capital and beyond.