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Taggart Group invests in its leadership team with Telfer

Custom Professional Development Program lays foundation for future growth

Telfer / Taggart
Telfer / Taggart

The executive team behind the Taggart Group of Companies is getting ready for the next generation of growth.  

“Our business has grown and diversified tremendously,” said Pierre Bergeron, CEO of the Taggart Group. “We needed to focus on creating an environment where we have processes, structure and consistent practices in place to continue growth that will align with the family ownership expectations.” 

Investing in people is key to preparing for the future … and to breaking down the silos that inevitably emerge as a business diversifies. 

Over the past 70 years, Taggart Group has evolved from a “big small company into a small big company” with four distinct businesses – Doran Contractors Ltd., Tamarack Homes, Taggart Construction Ltd. and Taggart Realty Management. 

The challenge is to ensure these businesses continue to work together cohesively to deliver quality projects. 

“It’s extremely important to invest both time and money into professionalizing and improving our current business operations, as well as to continue to prepare for the future with a focused approach,” said Simon Taggart, Manager, Business Transformation at Taggart Construction. 

To assist with that, the Taggart Group turned to Telfer’s Executive Programs at the Centre for Executive Leadership (part of the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa).  

NOT an off-the-shelf academic program

The Telfer team, led by Glen Orsak, Director of Executive Programs, created a custom professional development program for the Taggart Group. Facilitators included subject matter experts with specialized expertise in management and leadership development and real-world business experience.

This includes Orsak himself, who, before joining Telfer, spent 20 years as a management consultant and partner with Deloitte. It was there that he honed the highly consultative and client-centric approach he takes at Telfer.  

“When a client like the Taggart Group engages with us, we sit down and spend time to understand their needs and to custom develop a program that is suitable for the current experience levels of their managers and targets the specific areas they need to upskill,” Orsak said.

To date, two cohorts of 25 Taggart Group managers and executives have benefited from the program, with a third cohort pending.

“An increasing number of growing companies have come to realize they need to invest in this kind of professional development to ensure their people have the leadership and management skills and an understanding of the strategic dynamics of the business to lead its continued growth,” Orsak added.

Taggart Group sees early dividends

“Thanks to Telfer, the level of professionalization among middle and senior managers at all four of our companies has clearly improved,” said Taggart. “They are now able to speak in a common language when we discuss topics such as corporate strategy, goals and KPIs, as well as the importance of our succession plan. Morale has risen and everyone is pulling in the same direction.”

Taggart Group’s experience illustrates how critical an outside perspective can be to help an organization identify and address the blind spots that threaten its long-term outlook.  

“Telfer was successful in assisting us to engage our employees to create new business models that address weaknesses and build on our strengths,” said Bergeron. “This has helped us to set realistic and aspirational goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. We would recommend Telfer to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”

Is it time to upskill your business for the future?

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