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Small business tools: Timepage – Calendar by Moleskine (iOS)

Customize your work-week schedule with this handy app

A closeup of hands using a tablet.
A closeup of hands using a tablet.

You probably know Moleskine for its high-quality notebooks, a staple of boardroom meetings. But the Italian manufacturer has also dipped its toe into the digital world with Timepage, a beautifully designed calendar app with some unique features, such as a special “heat map” of your month that gives you an instant sense of when you’re going to be busy and free.

It has a deeply intuitive interface that allows for both customization – you can set the length of your work week – and fluid navigation so you can quickly zip forward in time, as needed. Plus, it automatically grabs regularly updated weather data so that you’ll know if you need an umbrella for your lunch meeting and whether you can schedule your after-work gathering indoors or on a patio.

And since it combines your schedule of events, contacts, weather and maps in a single spot, you’ll end up spending less time switching between multiple apps.

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