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Small business tools: Feedly (iOS, Android)

Automatically get the news and information most relevant to you

A shot of the feedly app on a mobile phone.
A shot of the feedly app on a mobile phone.

The business owner who stays up-to-date on the latest changes and trends in their field always has a leg up on the one who doesn’t. But keeping tabs on appropriate industry magazines, newspapers, blogs, and YouTube channels takes time.

If you have Feedly – a free news aggregator and reader for both iOS and Android – this becomes less of a problem. Feedly lets you track any source of information relevant to you by tapping associated RSS feeds. Once added, all of your sources become instantly accessible in a single spot. And you can do more than just keep up to speed on news.

Feedly also tracks specific keywords, such as brand names and companies, and integrates smoothly with popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer and OneNote. If you don’t even know where to start monitoring industry trends, Feedly can help with that, too. Just use its search function to discover some of the best sources for information pertinent to your business.

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