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Small business tools: DropTask (iOS, Android)

A task-management app that creates visual to-do lists

A shot of the DropTask app open on a laptop.
A shot of the DropTask app open on a laptop.

Some of us understand things better when they’re visualized rather than organized in charts and spreadsheets. If you’re one of these people, then DropTask could help you and your team become a lot more efficient.

It’s a visual to-do list designed to help visual thinkers see the big picture. It sorts tasks into categories represented by both words and images. You’ll see start and end dates for each task, along with pictures you choose to represent them and face shots of attached team members.

It might sound a little fluffy, but it’s not. You can dig into tasks for more details, track progress and issues with instant notifications sent to the whole team, set permissions for different staff levels, and quickly flag important tasks in need of attention. And an automatically generated daily summary email serves as a quick report on progress, highlighting overdue and upcoming tasks.

Small teams can make do with the free edition, while slightly larger teams might want to consider upgrading to the Pro version – which removes restrictions on projects and members – for about $100 per year. 

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