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Six ways to lower your auto insurance premium with CAA insurance

There’s a “new normal” in place, and we’re all finding our own ways to live with it. Many of us are also navigating the financial impacts of the pandemic and are trying to decrease our spending.

With CAA Auto Insurance, you can save more now on your car insurance premiums. Here are six ways to get you started:

1. Change your policy from daily use to pleasure use

If your policy is for daily use, it means you’re using your car frequently, and that translates into a higher rate. If your driving frequency has reduced, you may be able to select the pleasure use option, and your premium will come down as a result of lower use.

2. Modify your coverage and/or your deductible amount

Lowering your coverage amount will lower your rate; so will raising your deductible slightly. If you’re not driving very often, the benefit may outweigh the risk. Be sure to discuss this option with a licensed insurance agent to make sure it makes sense for you.

3. Bundle your auto and home insurance

If you’re with CAA Insurance, bundling your auto and home insurance can save you up to 17.5 per cent* between the two.

4. Get even more value out of your CAA membership

While you don’t have to be a CAA member to get CAA auto insurance, know that CAA members save between five and 20 per cent on auto insurance. Members also receive lots of other perks and benefits.

5. Switch to CAA MyPace™ pay-as-you-go insurance payment plan

This economical insurance payment option charges you a base rate, and then has you purchase coverage in 1,000-kilometre increments. Since you’re not driving much, this may make sense for you. With savings that are typically 40 per cent over traditional insurance rates, it may pay for you to switch to this from another insurance provider – even if you incur penalties. On that note, there are no fees or penalties for switching back to a traditional CAA insurance policy once the quarantine is lifted and you start driving more.

6. CAA Insurance recently announced 10% rate reduction on auto insurance

As a way of helping Canadians cope with the financial pressures brought about by COVID-19, CAA Insurance recently announced a 10 per cent rate reduction for all new auto and home Insurance policies effective April 15, 2020 and all renewing auto and home insurance policies effective June 15, 2020. Available until the pandemic is over, this reduction can be combined with any other cost savings you receive on your CAA Insurance, and will be applied to your full policy term.

• If you were paying $3,000 for home and auto insurance with CAA, you would save $300.

• If you were paying $1,600 for CAA auto insurance, you would save $160.

• If you are a CAA MyPace driver, you would already be saving 40 per cent over a traditional insurance policy rate. If your mileage driven has you paying $1,000 annually, you would now save an additional $100.

Existing policy holders who are not up for renewal yet can complete this online form to request a rate reduction.

While CAA continues to look for ways to help Canadians save money, the six ways noted above are a good place to start. As you explore ways to save on your insurance, be sure to consider all your options. To get your complimentary policy review, speak to a licensed CAA Insurance Agent at 1-877-222-1717.

For more information, please visit the CAA Insurance FAQ page.

Michael Browne is the corporate sales manager for CAA North & East Ontario.