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Silver Star Swag keeps it local for innovative tech products

When deciding on promotional products for your organization or event, there is a seemingly neverending list of options available.

With so many choices – different pieces, branding options and distribution methods – it can be easy to make a wrong move. At Ottawa’s premier promotional products company, Silver Star Swag, they make the process straightforward and effective.

“Working with promotional solution specialists is vital to success in selecting the right items for your brand,” says Carol deVille, president of Silver Star Swag. “Whether it’s a thank you gift, a tradeshow giveaway, an employee incentive, a customer appreciation token or an item that attracts new customers – the piece you choose has to be a true representation of your brand.”

Silver Star Swag, an affiliate of The Branding Company, offers branded products for all occasions. The company prides itself on creating pieces that truly make a difference in an organization’s marketing efforts.

“It is the only media that receives a thank you,” notes deVille.

She credits some of the company’s success to its partnering with great suppliers, including several based close to home in Ottawa.

“One of our key priorities is to buy Canadian and buy locally,” she explains. One supplier is PowerStick, an Ottawa-based company that creates innovative tech promotional products. As an industry leader in creativity, safety and innovation, deVille says PowerStick is a logical choice as a partner.

PowerStick products run the gamut of technology, from creatively branded phone chargers to full virtual reality viewers.

“It doesn’t matter what the requirement is. We can help them,” says PowerStick CEO Nigel Harris of the partnership with Silver Star Swag.

Among the firm’s most innovative offerings is the BeagleScout, a Bluetooth-enabled luggage tag. It allows users to track the exact location of their bag, whether it’s still on the plane or about to tumble onto the baggage carousel.

It is the perfect promotional product for Air Canada.

Air Canada’s vice-president of global sales, Duncan Bureau, says that “working with the most creative promotional team continues to offer opportunities for cutting edge items such as the Beagle Scout. This item is not only ideal for our industry, it’s a unique take on a luggage tag that no one should be without.”

Silver Star Swag’s partnership with PowerStick means the business can largely stay in Ottawa. All of PowerStick’s products are designed in the city, with all of their charging products also manufactured here.

Having worked with Silver Star Swag for three years now, PowerStick’s Harris holds the company in high regard.

“We have partners who really understand what we do and understand what their clients want. And then, we have some that don’t understand – they’re like ‘deer in the headlights’ when they try to understand client needs and how to convey them to suppliers,” says Harris. “What’s nice about Silver Star Swag is that they get it. They’re very, very easy to deal with.”

Building strong relationships within the promotional products industry – whether locally or beyond – is part of what gives Silver Star Swag an edge on the competition.

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