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Robust offering connects employers with Telfer’s deep well of talent

An employer speaks to an interested student
An employer speaks to an interested student

When recruiting, many employers go straight to the source: universities.

For everyone involved, the benefits of this approach are myriad.

Employers gain access to a pool of talent keen to gain real-world experience. Students are connected with established professionals in their areas of interest. And school staff and faculty know they’ve facilitated relationships that could jumpstart their students’ careers.

Given the calibre of Bachelor of Commerce and graduate programs alumni that come out of the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, it has set up an array of offerings aimed at helping employers connect with its students even before they graduate.

“If you’re looking to attract talent to your organization, Telfer has a number of unique ways to get involved,” says Caroline Hannah, relationship manager at Telfer’s Career Centre.

Mutual gains 

Caroline Hannah

Telfer’s diverse offering ranges in scope, from the more familiar CO-OP internship programs to the lesser known, including industry focused programs and Academic Projects.

A central focus of the school’s many unique initiatives is networking. Telfer offers employers the chance to attend networking events, as well as run workshops or information sessions as a way to meet students.

“It’s important that students find the right fit for themselves, so it becomes a solid opportunity for them,” says Hannah. Conversely, it benefits employers to meet a number of students, as a way of ensuring they meet their organizational needs.

As Hannah explains, part of Telfer’s role is to create initiatives that include experiential learning, to ease the transition into the workplace for both students and employers.

“As a student, the opportunity to have experience with the business community is a very key part of a life at Telfer.”

Looking to hire? Head to to view a full list of offerings for employers.


How can employers access Telfer’s talent?

Workshops, where employers can teach professional skills to students while building awareness of their brand.

CO-OP and internships, where students gain practical work experience while spending time within an organization.

Mentorship, where individuals can help facilitate the growth of the next generation of professionals.

Academic projects, where MBA and Executive MBA candidates help employers tackle real-time organizational needs and challenges.

MBA Résumé Book, where employers can review CVs of graduating MBA students.

Job postings, which are shared exclusively and directly with Telfer students and alumni.