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Robert C. Rhéaume

Already a member of the Montfort Foundation board since September 2018, the New Liskeard native, in Northern Ontario, has had a career as a CPA, and has volunteered his time, talent and treasure for more than 40 years in sports, youth, health and business organizations.

“Giving back to the community that has supported me in my career has always been the driver in my decisions to get involved,” says Robert C. Rhéaume, the newly appointed chair of the Montfort Foundation’s Board of Directors. Rhéaume, who is now retired, also serves on the Board of Directors of three other organizations in the region.

The challenges in philanthropy that lie ahead may seem impossible to overcome. Pandemics, global conflicts and the recession have all had an impact on traditional donor behaviour. According to Rhéaume, “donors have not necessarily reduced their philanthropic activities, but rather have focused their gifts on fewer causes.” Donors have never been closer to their personal values, and it is the role of the Board Chair to pair those values with the Hospital’s ensuring the needs of both are met.

Proud to have contributed to the success of the fundraising campaign for the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub in Orléans, the largest in Montfort’s history, he looks forward to the philanthropic future. The needs are great – upgrading services, purchasing equipment and supporting research – but he believes the Ottawa, Gatineau and Eastern Ontario region is a generous community that we can count on: “Philanthropy is at the heart of the population, as proven by the many successful fundraising events that are being held”.

Under his leadership, the Foundation plans to diversify its sources of revenue through the development of commercial activities, among others, in addition to increasing revenues from philanthropic and fundraising activities. With his experience and contacts in the business world, Rhéaume will surely be successful in achieving his objectives.

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