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Rewarding your staff, the Sens way!


When the Senators play, it is one of the biggest events in town! Imagine being able to use your Ottawa Senators tickets, or suites to reward your hard-working staff, celebrate a company milestone or to welcome a new employee to your company.

Retaining and recruiting key employees using Ottawa Senators assets is a proven method to achieve success in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

The modern work environment has evolved far beyond the monotony of standardized workflows, isolated cubicles and punch clocks. As such, the landscape of organizational culture has continued to adapt as we seek to find harmony with productivity and a work-life balance.

From flexible work hours to employee incentive programs, leading organizations worldwide are investing in new ways to keep their employees engaged and foster a winning culture for their teams. It is all about an employer’s ability to find the balance between the dimensions of engagement; satisfaction, identification, commitment, loyalty and performance within their employees.

But the question remains: How does one find that balance, and what tactical paths can they follow to help foster these necessary traits?

The fact of the matter is that employees are increasingly seeking validation, a need to feel valued by their organization. Recognition for their efforts is a “tap in” for any organization looking to reduce attrition rates and attract key talent.

Since 1992, many Ottawa-area companies have partnered with the Ottawa Senators as a creative way to help recognize their employees. A valued supporter of the Senators, Trend Micro has recognized the hard work of their employees through the use of their private suite at Canadian Tire Centre.

“Employees are totally grateful … and they can’t believe that it’s just for the employees,” explains Jim Over, the company’s director of sales operations. “It’s not for any other marketing event, or external people. It is 100 per cent for the employees and their families. The opportunity to come and be a part of something, whether it’s a hockey game, a concert or some other event, employees love it; it is used and it is totally packed every time.”

Trend Micro’s initiative to reward and engage employees is paying off, and research shows there are reasons to believe it will have the same effect for your organization.

Complete employee engagement is no small feat to achieve, but that should not deter organizations from taking the first steps to developing a more engaged workplace. Begin with employee recognition, take the small steps to reward your employees, and help foster that sense of value.

That is where the Senators organization can help. From private suites with up-scale dining options to premium group seats at immersive theme nights, the Senators have a variety of options to help you reward your team members and help build that winning culture.

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Rob Mullowney is the senior director of corporate revenue for the Ottawa Senators and the chief operating officer of the Belleville Senators. 

His management experience has included working with companies on strategy and execution during two Olympic Games and 15 years of experience helping companies from the local to national level ensure a strong return on investment in professional hockey. 

He holds a Masters Degree in Sport Management from the University of New Brunswick.