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Relationship building for businesses: How the Ottawa Senators can help you get it right, every single time

Relationship management is essential to the health and success of every organization. Is your leadership team up to the task?

The Ottawa Senators on the ice

Relationship-building missteps are like landmines. They can lurk anywhere and everywhere, and avoiding them feels next to impossible. But take it from us: no business is destined to make repeat relationship mistakes. With a roadmap of what to do and where to go, you can drop the dread of selecting the right entertainment for clients and employees — and reap the many benefits of getting it right.  

The Ottawa Senators have worked with businesses across the city for years, providing top-quality team building experiences for companies of all sizes. Here are a few tips they have for ensuring your staff – and clients – are connecting, as well as some of the ways the Canadian Tire Centre can be part of that plan. 

The Ottawa Senators on the ice 2023

Take your relationship-building to the next level with these tips:

Listen — really listen

Here’s a fact to take heed of: research shows that most people listen with 25 per cent efficiency. But with clients and employees, remind yourself to actively listen. Hone in on present needs and long-term goals but also details about life outside of work. It gives great clues as to the types of outings to schedule and provides talking points for future conversations. What are their passions? Are they a sports fan?  Perhaps taking them to a professional sporting event is the perfect way to connect.

Choose a venue that reflects your client and elevates your brand

The activity and venue you choose for entertaining should match your guest’s interests and accurately represent your brand. Where you take a client and what you choose to do will speak volumes about your business.

For when you can’t find out likes and dislikes ahead of time, have a go-to venue in your back pocket. A local favourite is Canadian Tire Centre. As a world-class arena, it shows your business values high-quality, top-notch goods and services much like how you value your clients’ relationship.

Stutzle jersey

Opt for a professional sports experience

When polled, Canadians said they were fans of the National Hockey League more than any other sport. Take advantage of it. A professional sports experience is a popular, memorable way to entertain — and Canadian Tire Centre is home to the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. 

More Canadians identify as fans of the NHL than any other professional sport. -Poll by Research Co. and Glacier Media 

The beauty of catching a Sens game? It’s a great way to break the ice and is high-energy enough not to require conversation 24/7. (Goodbye, awkward silences.) It’s also a way to show out-of-towners a piece of Ottawa.

Look for flexible options that meet your business’s needs and offer savings

Relationship-building is an expense. Do yourself a favor and protect your budget. Plans change. Clients back out. Keep that in mind, and aim for programs with lots of built-in flexibility, like Sens On Demand. 

Why Sens On Demand? When you’re out to impress, it offers all the perks of season seat membership, but packages start at just $600. You can also select games and seat levels as needed instead of upfront or all at once. This is great for smaller business who are looking to make a big splash without a big spend. Packages increase in price, allowing for even more benefits and more flexibility.

Fans cheering at an Ottawa Senators game

Reap the benefits of relationship-building

Building better relationships with clients and employees can do wonders for your business — from brand loyalty to talent acquisition and your bottom line. For more details about Sens On Demand or other options from the Ottawa Senators, including perks and restrictions, visit us here.