Group Subscription (Legacy)

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Subscribe to Ottawa Business Journal for multiple people in your group and save over an individual subscription.

Choose your group size range, enter the name of your group, enter the exact number of people in your group, and click the subscribe button.


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How do I manage the people in my group?

The person placing the order becomes the initial group administrator. They can log in to their account on, send invitations to other individuals to join the group, or assign other people to manage the group along with them. Group admins can also add, remove or change group members as desired directly within their account on

How do individuals sign up for my group?

The group admin(s) can send email invites to individuals or directly add them to the group. Individual members can then set their own passwords and log in to as a member of the group.

Will everyone in the group get a copy of the print magazine?

Yes, every member of the group will get a copy of any print issues produced by Ottawa Business Journal.

Will everyone in the group get access to subscriber-only content on the OBJ website?

Yes, every member can log in to the site with their own email and password and get full access to subscriber-only content on the site.

How many copies of the print magazine will we get with a group subscription?

Every member of the group will get their own copy of OBJ’s print issues.

How do I renew a group subscription?

The person who originally ordered the group subscription will be sent reminder emails when it is time to renew the group subscription. Follow the instruction in the email reminders and renew your subscription online.