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Perley Health Foundation

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Who we are 

Perley Health is a community where over 600 Seniors and Veterans thrive – from independent living to long-term care. We support each resident with a person and family-centric approach to the continuum of care to improve not only their physical well-being but their mental and emotional health, too.

Our commitment to empowering Seniors and Veterans to reach their full potential is a pledge without bounds. We actively invest in research and new methodologies in frailty-informed care and share our findings, best practices, and breakthroughs with the greater community – so we can help all seniors live life to the fullest.

We know that good is never good enough. Our culture of self-improvement ensures that we’re always seeking a higher standard of excellence. Be it a daily quality improvement, safety standards or long-term planning; we prioritize excellence across every facet of our organization to benefit Seniors and Veterans.

The Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care at Perley Health exists to set new benchmarks in seniors care, facilitating applied research that fuels innovation in education, best practices, and knowledge transfer.

The Perley Health Foundation is the engine powering our mission to achieve excellence in the health, safety, and well-being of Seniors and Veterans. Every donation empowers us to provide exceptional care while pursuing the research needed to deliver transformative advances.

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  • Donations: 86%
  • Other Revenue: 14%

From L-R : Micheal Burch, Co-Chair Answering the Call Campaign, Capt. (N) Paul A. Guindon, (Ret’d), CEO Commissionaires Ottawa, Dr. Annie Robitaille, Perley Health Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care, Delphine Haslé, Executive Director, Perley Health Foundation, Mary Boutette, COO, Perley Health, John Jarvis, Co-Chair Answering the Call Campaign


At Perley Health, we work hard every day to provide exceptional care to our residents and peace of mind to families and caregivers. We also work diligently and quietly to transform care for Seniors and Veterans across Canada. We know, from recent history there is an urgent need to elevate care and quality of life in long-term care homes nationally. 

Perley Health is ready to transform care for seniors from coast to coast to coast. We have a long history of caring for Seniors and Veterans, and the trust of families, governments, healthcare and educational partners. We have the people, plan and place to deliver on our vision of transforming care for seniors living with frailty while continuing to deliver exceptional care for our own Seniors and Veterans. 

On June 6, family, friends and community leaders gathered in the heart of the city and celebrated the launch of our largest-ever campaign, Answering the Call. Through this campaign, Perley Health is taking its first major step in playing a larger role in elevating care for seniors living with frailty through exceptional care, applied research, innovation and education. 

Today, we are asking people of all ages across all our communities to help complete the final phase of our $10 million Answering the Call Campaign for innovation and excellence in Seniors and Veterans care. We are at just over $8 million raised. 

Funds raised will go toward three critical areas of transforming care for seniors; research and innovation, knowledge sharing and education and sustaining exceptional care. To learn more visit


1750 Russell Rd., Ottawa, Ont., K1G 5Z6 

Year founded: 1988

Total revenue for last fiscal year: $5,074,146

Twitter: @PerleyHealth 

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Delphine Haslé, CFRE, Executive director

Louise Mercier, Chair


Carol Ann Banks

Maj. Daniel Charron (Ret’d)

Lt.-Col. Bob Eagan (Ret’d) , Treasurer 

Jeff Hill

Akos Hoffer, CEO Perley Health

Ryan Kelahear

J.L. Gilles Levasseur 

Col. Dominic McAlea (Ret’d)

Louise Mercier, Chair

HLt.-Col. Sandra Perron 

Sheila Venman

Margaret Tansey, Chair, Perley Health

Peter Mansbridge, Honorary Campaign Chair 

John Jarvis, Campaign co-chair 

Micheal Burch, Campaign co-chair


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