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Ottawa’s Waterbridge Creative Media expands to Vancouver

Vancouver's waterfront
Vancouver's waterfront

Waterbridge Creative Media is heading west with the opening of a new office in Vancouver. The Ottawa-based digital media agency is dubbing its new production office “Waterbridge West.”

Darren Wilson, a native Vancouverite and former client of Waterbridge, has been appointed president of the branch.

“Vancouver has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit,” says Mr. Wilson. “We have a booming startup community that could really benefit from Waterbridge’s accessible pricing, cinematic flair and relationship-driven approach to business.”

Mr. Wilson brings over ten years of marketing experience to his new role.

Brian Frank, president of Waterbridge Creative Media and one of the founding members of the company, says he expects Mr. Wilson’s expertise to enable Waterbridge to create more “holistic marketing plans,” expanding beyond Waterbridge’s core offerings of video and design services.

Waterbridge provides video, branding and advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The company’s brand design services give them a leg up when creating videos, Mr. Frank says. Understanding how branding works enables the firm to make stronger video content, a fact he says both clients and viewers pick up on.

With its expansion, the agency expects to tap into the diverse business community in Vancouver.

Waterbridge intends to engage with Vancouver’s real estate media industry, providing video and photography services to those building, buying and selling some of the most luxurious homes in Canada. These services include architectural photography, 3D renders of homes and drone video, among others.

Geographically, opening a Vancouver office was the next logical step for Waterbridge as the company grows. It offers the company the opportunity to do business along the west coast as well as in Calgary, which can be tricky to serve solely from the company’s Ottawa base.

“It just made a lot of sense to look west for expansion,” says Mr. Frank.

With the expansion to Vancouver, the company is now able to readily serve five major Canadian cities: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

While Vancouver makes sense for Waterbridge from a business perspective, the initial draw for the company was the opportunity to bring Mr. Wilson on board. Mr. Frank attributes his new colleague’s strong photography and marketing background as the driving force behind the expansion of their real estate media offerings.

While the expansion will see Waterbridge West leave its mark on the west coast, Mr. Frank expects it to ultimately improve their services in Ottawa as well as they integrate new skills into the home office’s offerings.

Learn more about Waterbridge Creative Media at Check there for a full list of services and contact information for both their Ottawa and Vancouver offices.