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Ottawa Salus

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What we do

For more than four decades, Salus has played a supportive role in the life stories of people derailed by severe and persistent mental health and substance use challenges. 

Today, Salus supports more than 800 adults through mental health programs and services and access to stable housing. In line with its vision of stable housing for everyone and newly energized strategic plan, 

Salus is challenging the status quo, leveraging community collaboration and creating a culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement to best serve the needs of its clients and play a leadership role in the local community

How you can help


Your donation will provide integrated mental health support services for people living with mental illness. 

Become a monthly Salus HopeGiver like Nancy 

Nancy is the mother of Jessica, a young woman living with a challenging mental illness. Every month, Nancy donates to Salus to provide hope and the same sense of relief to other families who are struggling.

Events + fundraising

Opening Doors to Dignity 

Through the $5 million Opening Doors to Dignity campaign, Ottawa Salus will build the first supportive housing community in Canada for older adults who have spent a lifetime coping with mental health, substance use, homelessness, hospitalization, isolation, stigma and other significant challenges. Help us create hope-filled homes and a caring community for older adults with life-long mental health issues. 

Soirée Salus

Launched in 2017, Soirée Salus is Salus’ signature fundraising event historically hosted by the prestigious French Embassy. This event raises awareness and crucial funds for supportive housing and mental health services and provides sponsors with maximum visibility and exposure to loyal and influential supporters of the cause. 

Client and Community Partner Appreciation Event 

This is an annual event that honours and celebrates Salus clients, tenants and community partners who are making an extraordinary difference in our community. Salus is always looking to introduce new sponsors who want to help provide awards and well-deserved recognition for their stakeholders.

Get in touch:

2000 Scott St.
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 6T2

Year founded: 1977

Total revenue for last fiscal year: $10,823,069

Facebook: @SalusOttawa
Instagram: @salusottawa

Mark MacAulay, President & CEO

Janet Yale, Chair


  • Camille Therriault-Power, Past Chair
  • Sarah Bertrand, Treasurer
  • Bernie Etzinger
  • Fiona Murray
  • Jason MacDonald
  • Kevin Yemm
  • Melanie Vadeboncoeur
  • Michel Boulay
  • Rachel Baxter
  • Tadiwa Muradzikwa
  • Timothy Moran


Individual: 2%
Government funding: 75%
Other charities: 1%
Other sources: 22%