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Ottawa Real Estate Board launches commercial Realtor visibility campaign

Ottawa Real Estate Board
Ottawa Real Estate Board

One of the biggest decisions a business will make is where to set up shop. Finding the right property – whether it is moving into a new office, finding a storefront or setting up a new industrial workspace – can have a significant impact on employee engagement, productivity and operational efficiencies. Finding the right Realtor to help your business select its next space is where the Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) comes in.

Known for its expertise in the residential property market, it is not necessarily known that OREB is also made up of some of the City’s top commercial real estate salespeople and brokers who service the commercial real estate market by helping to connect businesses and individuals interested in buying, selling and leasing space.

“The Ottawa Real Estate Board is known for residential real estate, but we also have many Realtor Members who specialize in the commercial side of real estate,” says Janice Myers, Chief Executive Officer of the Ottawa Real Estate Board. “They are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of business clients.”

Hiring a Realtor

OREB commercial Realtors are members of the Commercial Services Network (CSN) and are required to meet the high ethical and professional standards set by the Canadian Real Estate Association, as well as the Real Estate Council of Ontario. OREB Realtors can also access comprehensive databases of property listings, accessible only to them, which help to ensure that their clients can weigh multiple relevant options and find the right fit.

“Commercial real estate is different from residential, both in the complexity of the transaction and the length of time it can take deals to come together,” says Myers. “However, when it comes down to it business clients have the same requirement as residential clients, and that is to have an expert on their side who is a problem solver and who understands the market inside and out.”

Additionally, OREB Realtors are highly qualified professionals who can assist clients in understanding zoning, environmental issues, financing options and much more. 

OREB Membership

Only Realtors can be members of OREB. One of the major benefits of membership is access to the Multiple Listing Service database. OREB is currently redesigning the database to more closely match the unique needs of commercial real estate listings. 

The CSN provides members not only exposure as commercial Realtors but also with leads that are generated through their membership in the Canadian Commercial Network.

Professional development is also critical in order to keep Realtors informed and up-to-date about the latest technology, tools, and tends in the industry. Several commercial courses are held throughout the year, as well as an annual Commercial Summit, which is attended by OREB members and other industry professionals. 

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What is a Realtor?

Realtor is not a job description. It is a trademark of the Canadian Real Estate Association and stands for service, competence and high ethical practice. Not every real estate salesperson or broker is a Realtor. Realtors are members of local boards, provincial associations, and the Canadian Real Estate Association. If a real estate salesperson or broker isn’t a member of OREB, they can’t call themselves a Realtor. 

Only Realtors have access to the MLS System, and only Realtors can post listings on the MLS System.