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The Ottawa International Airport announces new opportunities for land development

Three parcels of land are opening up to help foster economic growth across the city

A porter airplane parked at the Ottawa International Airport

The Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) is opening up three parcels of land for development, with each offering a unique opportunity.

Through its long-term lease with Transport Canada, the OIAA has a duty to ensure that the airport supports quality, safe, secure, sustainable transportation, and is a vital part of the city’s economic growth and prosperity. This is where land development comes into play.

OIAA’s vice-president of business development and marketing, Joel Tkach, says several factors make 2024 an ideal year to emphasize land development efforts, including increased connectivity to the city via rapid transit, as well as the expansion of international and domestic flights via carriers like Air France and Porter Airlines.

“With the success of past projects like the EY Centre and new ones coming on board like the Alt terminal hotel currently under construction, we want to look at what else can be done on airport land to make a meaningful impact,” said Tkach. “At its peak, YOW was a billion dollar contributor economically and supported over 10,000 jobs, and we want to get back to these levels.”

Here are the details on each parcel of land.

Hunt Club Road

At 10 acres, this rectangular piece of land is smaller than the others, but offers frontage, arterial road exposure and a wide range of complementary uses nearby, as well as quick access to the airport.

Developers will have an opportunity to build alongside restaurants, office buildings, and the Iogen research facility. There are also well-established retail outlets like the Hunt Club Plaza, which is anchored by the TNT Superstore. 

Boasting significant frontage, the ideal development will take advantage of the exposure and fit in with existing development in the area. 

Gateway West

Gateway West is a 30-acre parcel of land tucked behind the EY Centre.

This area will share the future Uplands Station on the City’s O-Train airport spur line, offering tenants the opportunity to be right on a rapid transit network. With many employees demanding their employers show a commitment to sustainability, Gateway West is a prime opportunity to do so by providing employees and visitors with environmentally-friendly public transit access. 

The city of Ottawa currently lacks what is generally known as AAA- or even A-class office space located at the front door of its airport, making this an opportunity to be the first. OIAA hopes to see high-value employment opportunities, including professional services firms and R&D technology companies whose employees travel frequently, or who often welcome visitors from out of town. 

The Gateway West opportunity is not restricted to just professional employers, but also cultural and recreational venues. The OIAA is excited about the diverse range of possibilities that the site offers. 

With the combination of improved air service and infrastructure projects, the Ottawa International Airport enjoys a level of global connectivity it has lacked since the pandemic. 

These attributes should be appealing to a Canadian firm looking to make the airport their home, or equally to an international business taking advantage of the highly skilled employee base in Canada’s Capital Region. 

North Field sector

The first parcel is 90 acres in the North Field sector.

It offers an unparalleled opportunity to be a part of the city’s aviation research community, which includes the National Research Council’s aerospace and surface transportation research facilities, along with the Department of Defence’s Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment

The goal is to build on the concentration of technological expertise in the transportation and technology sector.

The ideal occupant for this parcel of land will include those who want to take advantage of the immediate runway access, whether they’re maintaining aircraft, manufacturing aerospace components or conducting aviation research.

All three of the Ottawa Airport’s current development opportunities offer unique potential for the region’s economic growth. 

Ottawa International Airport Authority land development map 2024