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Learn to lead: Telfer prepares next generation of managers with professional master’s degree programs

Feb. 20 cocktail reception provides opportunity to meet and greet program directors and alumni

Students working around a table
Students working around a table

A professional master’s degree sends a clear signal to employers: Graduates are equipped with the modern management tools in their respective industry and ready to take on leadership roles.

As one of Canada’s leading business schools, the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management is at the forefront of professional graduate education with its growing offering of specialized master’s programs.

Under its suite of professional master’s programs, Telfer offers six focused degrees designed for associate-level professionals and above “who have decided they would like to excel in management,” says David Large, Telfer’s director of program marketing and recruitment.

Most programs have separate full-time and part-time streams. The full-time program allows students to complete their program in approximately one academic year, while the latter enables students to continue working for the duration of their studies and earn their degree over approximately two years.

The six programs are:

  • Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Master of Health Administration, MHA
  • Master of Electronic Business Technology, MEBT
  • Master of Engineering Management, EMP
  • Executive Master of Business Administration, EMBA
  • Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership, MBCPL

Interested residents and prospective students are invited to learn more about these programs at a free information session and cocktail reception on Feb. 20.

Telfer prides itself on the fact that its programs “are exceptionally focused on the professional state of practice,” Large says.

He adds that each of the six programs is intended to connect students directly to their respective industries, with experienced instructors and many first-hand learning opportunities.

All of the programs included in Telfer’s professional master’s suite include a major project or internship component, and some feature an international exchange or trip.

Unrivalled experience

Each of the six programs has unique benefits, but all prepare students to move into management and/or leadership roles in their respective fields.

The MBA program is well-known throughout Ottawa’s business community for its intensely analytics and performance-driven approach to management. Students are required to work on a consulting project with real clients, providing hands-on learning with the opportunity to make business connections throughout the city. There is also an optional internship, and an optional international exchange.

Telfer’s Master of Health Administration is one of the longest-running programs of its kind in Canada. The degree teaches the skills necessary of a manager in a broad spectrum of health services, both in the private and public sectors.

It features an internship component, intended to give students hands-on experience and an opportunity to make connections in the industry.

The Master of Electronic Business Technology is offered in partnership with the school’s Faculty of Engineering.

“It connects professionals directly into today’s world of electronic business,” says Large.

This multi-disciplinary program bridges the gap between the realms of business and tech, exposing students to the latest in e-business technology while teaching them how to use it to drive better business decisions.

The fourth program, the Master of Engineering Management, is also offered in tandem with the Faculty of Engineering, and prepares engineers and scientists to manage teams and sections within their organization. There is now a compulsory major consulting project, which connects student groups with local industry clients.

The Executive MBA, delivered at the Centre for Executive Leadership (CEL), is designed for mid-career and senior-level executives who seek a global, practical and relevant experience, with a curriculum focused on leadership, teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration. A consulting project and international trip together provide a capstone experience.

The Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership, also delivered at the CEL, equips the senior professional or executive with advanced skills and confidence to be a successful complex project or program leader in fields such as complex capital procurement projects, program development, business transformation, information technology initiatives and R&D commercialization. The program strives to have classes evenly-split between public and private sector leaders, affording unique networking opportunities.

Reception for prospective students

Telfer is hosting an evening reception on Feb. 20 for anyone interested in learning more about the six professional master’s programs.

The event will allow prospective students to meet each program’s director, as well as speak to current students and alumni. It will also feature a special presentation by Telfer MBA program director Greg Richards titled, The New World of Work: Will Managers Become Obsolete?

Large encourages anyone considering a graduate management program to attend. The reception will also serve as a great networking opportunity, as many Telfer alumni and faculty will be on hand.

The event is free to attend, and will be complemented by hors d’oeuvres and a bar.

Click here to learn more and to register.