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Meet District Realty’s new vice-president, Ken Halef

Ken Halef, District Realty

District Realty is pleased to announce that Ken Halef has accepted the position of vice-president of operations & finance.

Halef began his career at District Realty in 2021 as the director of finance. With his keen eye for detail and vast experience in accounting and finance, he quickly proved to be an asset to the company. His hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, and Halef was soon promoted to the position of vice-president of operations & finance.

As a member of the executive team, Halef oversees the Property Management portfolio and collaborates with his colleagues to manage District Realty’s 75+ Ottawa properties as the company celebrates its 36th anniversary.

Halef’s journey to the nation’s capital began in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Along the way, he’s held several senior management roles in both public accounting and private sector industries. This has given him an extensive knowledge of accounting, finance, and operations from several diverse settings. His background in various industries has helped him develop a unique perspective on how to run a business, and this knowledge has been invaluable to District Realty. He continues to bring new ideas to the table, and his contributions have helped the company grow and evolve.

Halef obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University in 2011 and later earned his CPA designation in 2017. This solid educational background has been a driving force behind his success in the field of finance and accounting. Furthermore, Halef is a former athlete, having won multiple national championships in boxing. This experience has taught him the discipline and determination that is required to succeed in any field. Outside of the office, Halef prioritizes his family and is a dedicated husband and father to wife Berna and daughters Leona and Levina. In his spare time, he enjoys supporting his daughters’ interests in taekwondo and dance classes. 

Contact Ken:

Ken Halef
613-759-8383 ext. 253