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Keep your business running while you’re on the run

Tips for managing the workplace whether you’re in the office or working remotely

Running your business
Running your business

As a small-business owner, there are times when you just can’t be in the office – whether you’re off-site with clients or on a beach in Mexico unwinding. While today’s advanced technology has made it possible to get work done no matter where you happen to be, there are still challenges to running a business remotely: are your standards being met, is cash being managed effectively, are employees acting responsibly in your absence?

According to Ryerson University’s Bradley Poulos, an expert in entrepreneurs and small business, focusing on three key areas will allow you to keep tabs on things from wherever you are.

  1. Incorporate technology

While the Internet, laptops, tablets and smartphones have opened to the door to working remotely, there are plenty of software programs and apps that can make it a seamless experience. Poulos suggests using a messaging platform like Slack so that you have instant communication with your team; cloud-based storage services, like DropBox and Google Drive, which allow you to access your files anywhere; and productivity tools like Boomerang for managing your inbox.

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