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Innovative agriculture training programs in the nation’s capital

Man working in agriculture

Well established in Ottawa and in Eastern Ontario for over 30 years, Collège La Cité has produced tens of thousands of graduates who have an impact on our daily lives and who contribute greatly to the National Capital Region’s economy.

More and more, we are starting to see graduates from La Cité leave their mark in the agriculture and agri-food sectors, thanks to a more recent training programs offering that focuses on these crucial drivers of the region’s economic activity.

La Cité invested considerable money and resources to ensure that its main Ottawa campus is equipped with state-of-the-art labs and equipment to reflect an evolving industry that now relies heavily on the latest technological advances.

In turn, students from all walks of life have increasingly shown an interest in such programs, and not only students who come from an agricultural background or who wish to take over the family business.

Graduate feature: Alexandre Henrie

Even though Alexandre Henrie grew up on a farm, it wasn’t until he was pursuing a higher education degree in Toronto that he truly felt the call of the land. He came back home to complete a diploma in agriculture at La Cité.

Upon graduating in 2016, he put his newly acquired skills and knowledge to good use on the nearby family farm in Orleans, Ferme d’Orléans, becoming his family’s third generation to operate the farm that grows different varieties of apples, berries and other fruits and vegetables.

One of his first orders of business was to modernize the agricultural practices while preserving his family’s values and traditions.

For Henrie, the learning process never stops and he is always eager to develop new techniques and methods.

This attitude allowed him to implement subtle but significant changes to improve the farm’s productivity.

“There are always new techniques to learn. Sometimes, it gives us inspiration to adapt what we are already doing with minor changes that make a big difference,” he says.

“In addition to the more technical aspect, my studies allowed me to build my network of contacts and colleagues. This network of people sharing the same passion as me for agriculture is an invaluable resource,” he says.

Henrie also believes the agricultural accounting and business management courses that were part of his curriculum at La Cité adequately prepared him to market the farm’s products.

Today, Henrie shares his passion and knowledge in numerous ways, including with current students from La Cité and by being a Berry Growers board member.

Innovating within the food industry

Nutrition and food services management program
(accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management)

This program from Collège La Cité offers students the opportunity to combine their passion for health and food science.

  • A quick, hands-on two-year program offering co-op placements
  • Training tomorrow’s agri-food experts

Diploma in agriculture programs
Programs offered both in an urban setting, in state-of-the-art facilities on La Cité’s Ottawa campus, and at facilities belonging to industry partners in Eastern Ontario, as part of co-op placements.

Two specializations:

  • Livestock and crops production
  • Fruit and vegetable production