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Hydro Ottawa launches innovative new app to elevate the customer experience

Hydro Ottawa App
Hydro Ottawa App

Hydro Ottawa recently launched a new mobile app that allows its customers to monitor their electricity usage, see its estimated cost, access billing information and find out about current power outages. Other companies offer electricity apps today, but few offer this complete level of intelligence in one, easy-to-use and customizable tool. 

“Our surveys show that many of our customers want tools to help them conserve electricity,” says Julie Lupinacci, Chief Customer Officer. “This convenient, intuitive and feature-rich app gives them new insights into their electricity usage, costs and much more. We believe it will significantly enhance their customer experience.” 

The new app reports electricity consumption data in near real-time, offering ‘High Usage Alerts’ that tell customers when their electricity usage is higher than normal. It can also identify spikes in electricity consumption by detecting increased heating and cooling costs allowing a customer to understand, for example, if an air-conditioner has been left on longer than usual. Based on a customer’s consumption patterns, the app further provides personalized electricity saving tips. For instance, customers learn that if they use an advanced power bar with a timer to power down their computer at night and while they’re away, they can significantly reduce the annual electricity usage of their computer. 

Using patented analytics, the app also gauges the power output and cost of individual home appliances, without the need for any hardware, such as sensors. The app can breakdown a customer’s electricity usage into as many as 12 appliance categories. This enables customers to track their electricity usage over a year to see how it changes based on the season, weather and their behaviour. 

The app provides immediate insights as well. Customers can view their ‘Always On’ usage – the electricity consumed by devices even when turned off, such as computers, phone chargers, and televisions. With the ‘Neighbourhood Comparison’ feature, customers can benchmark their usage against that of similar homes in their area. Customers can save on electricity costs simply by changing their behaviour in response to these insights.  

Hydro Ottawa’s power outage map is available on the app as well. It details the location, type of outage, number of customers affected, and the estimated time when power will be restored. It also confirms when crews have arrived at the site of the outage.

Hydro Ottawa customers that have downloaded the app, report that it’s helpful in understanding how they use electricity and how they can reduce their electricity costs. Available in English or French, this free app can be downloaded at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.