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Hydro Ottawa delivers on its commitment to kids at CHEO

An innovative local initiative is helping Hydro Ottawa reduce its environmental impact while making a positive difference in the community.

Last August, the local utility launched its 2016 Go Paperless campaign that encouraged its customers to switch to e-billing. By the end of the year, thousands of residents had signed up to receive an e-mail when their bill is ready for viewing on a secure online portal.

However, the benefits extend far beyond the countless number of envelopes and paper print-outs that are no longer needed.

As an incentive, Hydro Ottawa donated $5 to CHEO for every customer who made the switch. Hydro Ottawa donated an additional $5 for each individual who committed to making paperless payments by registering in a pre-authorized payment plan.

In total, the campaign raised $101,805, the most of any of Hydro Ottawa’s four e-billing campaigns to date. That’s enough to buy CHEO 41 patient monitors, or close to one-quarter of its needs.

“These monitors are used almost every minute of every day,” says Jacqueline Belsito, Vice-President of Philanthropy and Community Engagement at the CHEO Foundation. The bedside equipment monitors a patient’s temperature, pulse, breathing rate and blood pressure, transmitting the data electronically to a nursing station.

“In total, the campaign raised $101,805, the most of any of Hydro Ottawa’s four e-billing campaigns to date.”


It’s part of CHEO’s own push to go paperless, as the new patient monitors are compatible with CHEO’s electronic health record system.

Bryce Conrad, Hydro Ottawa’s President and CEO, calls the partnership with CHEO a “win-win-win.”

“We’ve reduced our environmental footprint by reducing our paper use, made it easier for customers to access their account information and helped to make a meaningful impact in children’s lives and wellbeing at the same time,” he says.

Customers can still sign up to take advantage of the conveniences of e-billing by visiting