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Hydro Ottawa calls on customers to ‘go paperless’ for CHEO

For every online billing and automated payment registration, the utility will donate $5 to the CHEO Foundation

Hydro Ottawa is making it easier than ever for residents to give back with its annual Go Paperless campaign, in support of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation.

Until November 30, Hydro Ottawa will donate $5 to the foundation for every customer who switches to paperless online billing or automated payments. For those who make the switch to both services, the utility will donate $10.

“Hydro Ottawa is a community company, and has been delivering an essential service to Ottawa residents for more than 100 years. Contributing to the wellbeing of the community has always been our core mandate,” says Julie Lupinacci, the utility’s chief customer officer.

Hydro Ottawa’s donation will support the pediatric programs, research, equipment, education and family assistance the foundation provides at CHEO.

And for the utility’s customers who make the switch, the benefits are twofold. A donation on their behalf gets passed along to a highly respected and well-known charitable organization that supports one of Canada’s preeminent children’s hospitals.

But customers also benefit from the greater efficiency that comes from both online billing and automated payments.

“This gives them the ability to access the information on their bill 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” says Lupinacci. “It also gives them the ability to manage their account online, which is convenient, easy to use and secure.”

To register, Hydro Ottawa customers need only login on the utility’s website and opt in or speak to a customer service agent over the phone. No further action is needed on the customer’s part once they register.

“This is a program that is driven by operational efficiencies, but is really answering the call of what our customers are looking for,” says Lupinacci. Online billing customers don’t have to wait for their bill to come in the mail, but can instead view it immediately through Hydro Ottawa’s web portal. Registering online also grants customers access to usage data, which can be used to make more conscious choices about a home’s energy use.

“Customers today want a seamless, hassle-free experience with the same level of satisfaction that they would get talking to a person. They’re looking for access to information when they want it, not just when we happen to be open,” says Lupinacci.

To her, Hydro Ottawa’s Go Paperless campaign is a win-win-win. Hydro Ottawa streamlines its billing process while reducing its environmental impact. The CHEO Foundation receives funding for its life-changing programs. And customers can rest easy knowing a small decision on their part has made a positive change for families in the Ottawa area.

To make the switch in support of the CHEO Foundation, head to