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How uOttawa is helping companies generate faster revenue

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What’s the link between talent development and generating faster revenue, increasing profitability and enabling innovation? 

The answer lies in the buildout of critical skills during talent development which leads to the productive business talent that many companies desperately need

Since its inception, the University of Ottawa has built a reputation as a leader in talent development, often being a source for local companies to find the next-generation talent they need to grow and innovate.

Through a joint initiative with the Professional Development Institute and the Faculty of Engineering, the university has broadened its offerings to provide upskilling solutions that help existing teams grow and succeed – at a business and at a technical level. 

uOttawa’s Business Communication and Influence (BCI) program does just that, with the development of critical business skills before, and after, talent is hired. 

“At its core, the Engineering Sales School is now a business solutions provider, and more importantly a long term partner for business,” said Trevor Wilkins, Principal of uOttawa’s Engineering Sales School. “We are here to help organizations solve challenges like achieving faster revenue and greater profitability, navigating new opportunities in technology and building what people truly need.”

Through its landmark presence in the Ottawa downtown core – and now from its new satellite locations in Kanata North – uOttawa is connecting with business executives, HR leaders and innovators to hear first-hand what skills and business solutions they need to succeed and scale.

“In our business we need to connect customer conversations with highly technical development teams. uOttawa’s BCI program gave us the common language that cut across the gap between these silos,” said Fred Gedling, SVP Global Alliances at Rapidminer AI, a company that has participated in the BCI program. “As a result, we build what people want – rather than wasting time and money building what we think they need.”

Career development at any stage

At the uOttawa’s Professional Development Institute (PDI), participants have access to a vast network of courses in a range of topics including cyber security, business communications and marketing, writing skills, project management, national security, business-process improvement, leadership and many more.

Designed for career professionals to upgrade their knowledge, keep up with the latest in best practices as well as add new skills to their resume, uOttawa’s PDI is a one-stop-shop for businesses from all industries.

The Business Communication & Influence (BCI) program is available, and now delivered, as a tailored Hybrid Corporate Solution, combining self-paced online training with live tutorials – in person or online. The result is enormously strong communications and influence skills that allow participants to engage fully with their customers, to draw out their business outcomes and then to deliver a cost-effective solution – not just a technology product.

The BCI program also removes cross-departmental silos through common language, techniques and insights. For key stakeholders of the BCI program, it checks all the boxes.

For Human Resources, it’s about quickly building a profitable team from a group of smart, motivated people.

For the Technical Teams, it’s about eliminating wasted time, effort and money building products and services you only think customers need.

For Business Development leaders it’s about sharing the tools that allow everyone to contribute to the company results.

So, whether you’re a tech company looking to fuel growth, or an HR leader trying to build a top-tier team – uOttawa and its Engineering Sales School is here to listen and provide solutions.

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