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How to tell a reliable window company from a bad one: 5 valuable tips

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So, are you considering getting new replacement windows done on your house but don’t know who to contact? Many window installation companies in Ottawa claim to offer excellent quality, but the problem usually comes with picking the right one for you. How do you do that?

Getting a good, reliable Ottawa window company goes way beyond googling them. There are a lot of signs you should be on the lookout for when choosing the right installer for your job.

This article covers the proper signs to search for when picking your go-to Ottawa window experts, so do ensure you read on till the end.

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Why choosing a trustworthy window company can impact your replacement project 

Before we get started on what to look out for, you have to understand why you need a good window company and why you shouldn’t just pick any random installer offering to do it at a lower price.


You definitely want value for your money when dealing with window companies. Installers who offer good quality windows provide good value for your money.

With Ottawa’s climate, getting good windows could help save a lot on both energy and money. Another good reason is resale value. Getting high-quality windows can increase the overall resale value of your house.

In-house installers and post-installation support

Solid Ottawa window companies have skilled in-house installers with vast past installation experience and guarantee that your new windows will be properly installed, bringing maximum energy efficiency.

Post-installation support is another reason to deal with a reputable local company. Since new windows are a considerable investment, getting your issues resolved hassle-free is great.

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How to choose your window company: A complete checklist

To help make it easy for you, we have provided a checklist of crucial questions you would need proper answers to when choosing your preferred window company in Ottawa.

Are they reputable?

Reputation is one aspect that should not be overlooked, especially when dealing with window companies. Are they credible? Do they come highly recommended by people in your community? If they truly offer good quality windows, then their overall reputation should be positive.

Go online, check forums, social media, Google and HomeStars review and any possible online platform for customer reviews, critics, and testimonials.

Do they offer variety?

Aside from simply offering good quality products (which should be a must), good window companies should be able to provide variety. They should have a large selection of good quality window products that work with style and budget.

Check their catalogues for the window styles they offer, the window frame styles, the glass types, frame materials, as well as the available colours. Are their options limited? If so, there might be better alternatives to consider.

Another cool thing to look out for when it comes to variety is customization. Picking the exact window type that matches your taste, preferences and house design is vital.

Do their products qualify for maximum government rebates?  

Still, on the issue of getting proper value for your money, a good question is; Do their products offer solid returns in the long run on your investments? This is often attributed to windows with high energy ratings.

Do thorough research on each window manufacturer you want to work with, and ask them about window energy ratings, rebates and government loans they can help you with.

Do they work with experienced installers?

As stated, most experienced window companies have experienced in-house window installers to ensure proper installation. This is a service that is definitely needed when getting new windows.

Be on the lookout for the window installers they work with. How experienced are they? Are they subcontractors? Always ask for samples of their work. That way, you can be sure your new windows will be installed and fitted correctly.

Do they offer a warranty?

Warranties have become a great way to validate most companies. This is because good warranties offer peace of mind by telling you just how confident a company is in its products. Reliable window replacement services provide a 25-year warranty for parts and labour.

Ensure you read the warranty properly before signing a replacement contract and check it for any fine print or inconsistency. Ask questions about what you have covered with their warranty offer and duration.


Final thoughts   

Before choosing to work with any window company, always ask the right questions. Doing this saves you money in the long run and provides you with the satisfaction of getting good value for your money.

The questions listed above should be your ‘checklist’ for successful window installation, so make sure to keep it bookmarked.

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