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How Ottawa homebuilders are responding to the work-from-anywhere trend

Johanne's Court
Johanne's Court

Few communities can offer residents the opportunity to live in a resort-style home, in the heart of a vibrant neighbourhood surrounded by nature trails and tranquil landscapes while still maintaining their career. However, at Lépine’s developments in Carleton Place and Renfrew, residents can check all of those boxes – and more.

Located just 40 to 50 minutes from downtown Ottawa and equipped with large optional in-unit office spaces, Johanne’s Court and The Lépine Lodge in Renfrew provide the perfect environment for work-from-home professionals.

Both three-building apartment developments provide residents a luxury lifestyle, with high-end on-site amenities and nearby access to shopping, health and wellness services, as well as outdoor activities in the area’s historic downtown core.

As more professionals permanently embrace remote work, individuals and couples can turn to communities such as Johanne’s Court or The Lodge to offer the right mix of modern living and rural relaxation, says company president Francis Lépine.

“Units in Lépine Apartments are bright, spacious and truly offer that separation of work and home life with a private office space,” explains Lépine. “Residents everywhere are embracing new work style options, and our country living apartment complexes are the perfect work-from-anywhere space.”

An office with a view

In addition to providing professionals with the option of a quiet home office, units are designed to include comfortable and stylish living space.

The large suites feature panoramic windows and high-ceilings, which highlight the open-concept layout.

Natural materials such as wood floors and ceramic tile are also featured throughout, giving the space a calming aesthetic.

“Our goal is to provide a space where residents want to live, work, play and relax,” says leasing agent Cindy Massicotte. “These are great communities to build a future in.”

Tenants also have access to several on-site amenities.

Each complex is equipped with a professional fitness center and yoga studio as well as underground parking and lounge areas for residents to enjoy. Both Johanne’s Court and Lépine Lodge in Renfrew will include saltwater pools as the projects expand.

While the spacious apartment units provide ample workspace, the professionally landscaped courtyard in the center of the Johanne’s Court development can also be used for brainstorming or as a change of scenery.

Similarly, the nearby scenic pond, lush trees and ample greenspace provide a serene environment to spark creativity and recharge.

A new home awaits

As growing numbers of professionals, families and retirees look to escape the city and find a new home in a quieter, more rural community, both are well-suited to welcome residents of all ages.

“A lot of people have considered moving to a rural community but were afraid to give up the amenities and luxuries they were accustomed to in the city,” says Lépine. “Lépine Apartments locations are always strategically located. You have all the shops, restaurants and recreational opportunities you need in one community.”

Whether you’re in search of a new backdrop for remote work or an upgrade from your current house, Lépine Apartments can help you find your next home.

Find a Lépine apartment near you

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