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How OREB helps its commercial members grow their business

Realtors and customers alike benefit from Canadian Commercial Network


The Ottawa Real Estate Board’s (OREB) partnership with the Canadian Commercial Network (CCN) makes it easy for commercial Realtors in Ottawa to stand out from the crowd.

The local real estate association, which represents hundreds of commercial Realtors as well as their residential counterparts, works closely with the CCN – a part of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) – to generate more visibility of the city’s experienced commercial Realtors.

OREB members have access to several tools, services and real estate networks that advance their knowledge of commercial property sales. They also receive special CCN branding opportunities, which demonstrates their extensive knowledge to clients through an endorsement from a recognized national network. 

The Realtor advantage

Commercial Realtors who join the CCN gain access to commercial research papers, international trends and financial calculators that give their business – and customers – an advantage over competitors. 

Members can use CREA’s Webforms online transaction tool, which simplifies and quickens the sale or leasing process. The tool quickly populates a standardized and vetted template with data specific to the transaction.

“It reduces the Realtor’s cost and saves time,” says Marc Lafrance, director of product management and member services at CREA. “I’ve seen Realtors do a deal over the phone, e-mail all of the documentation to the client and within hours the transaction had closed.” 

One of the biggest benefits is the high visibility members receive on, the most widely used real estate marketing site in Canada. Member profiles are posted with a CCN badge, which automatically puts them and their listings at the top of the search list. 

“The real advantage (to joining the network) is that mix of board services and CREA services,” says Lafrance. “We complement each other, and it’s a real benefit to the commercial practitioner.”

Membership application

With common membership requirements, all OREB Commercial Services Network (CSN) members automatically become part of the CCN and CREA, which already represent more than 6,800 national commercial Realtors. 

“We promote the value of using a Commercial Realtor from our network to the public,” says Lee Freeman, manager of professional practice and education at OREB. “Now, people will be able to select a commercial member who has met the education and experience levels set out by the CCN, which is a pretty big endorsement.” 

Only experienced commercial agents can apply for full membership. OREB and CREA commercial Realtors must have a minimum amount of sales volume, appraisals or property management experience under the belt to be considered.

These requirements assure customers that CCN Realtors can navigate the commercial transaction with ease, says Lafrance.

“From a consumer’s perspective, you’re (working with) people who have taken courses or have experience dealing with the commercial sector,” he says. “That’s important because it’s very different from residential.”

What is a commercial Realtor?

“Realtor” is not a job description. It is a trademark of the Canadian Real Estate Association and stands for service, competence and high ethical practice.

OREB’s commercial members who have met high standards of education and experience are eligible to become members of OREB’s Commercial Services Network.

Commercial Realtors provide professional services including:


• Access to listings of thousands of other Realtor members of OREB and other Boards through their exclusive MLS System access.

• Far-reaching marketing services, and access to local, national, and international buyers through their commercial affiliation within, which boasts 264 million visitors in 2018 and 5.3 billion views.

• Professional advice based on knowledge, experience, and education.

• Tenant and landlord representation.

• Advice on real estate investment purchases.

• Competent service based on extensive market knowledge.