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HostedBizz sees endless possibilities in the Cloud

OBJ Fastest Growing Company alumnus finds its niche in the mid-market

So say the industry analysts. The traditional on-premise data centre for business is dead, or at least on life support.

But how does your business fit into this equation?

When considering cloud options, many people look to “hypercloud vendors” and “hybrid multi-clouds” from the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Most of these services are geared toward large enterprises. Mid-market companies often find themselves attempting to shoe themselves into a service that just doesn’t fit their needs, budget or business model.

Six years ago, Paul Butcher and Jim Stechyson took stock of the growing cloud market and saw an opportunity.

Paul looked at it through the lens the telecommunications industry, where his resumé includes a decade as President and COO of Mitel Networks. Jim’s perspective was that of a tech entrepreneur and executive focused on small and medium-sized businesses.

They saw a clear gap begging to be filled between the cloud services being developed for large enterprises and the mid-market companies that needed the same flexibility, reliability and scalability, minus the headaches of trying to architect and manage the infrastructure themselves.

HostedBizz was born.

Today, HostedBizz delivers cloud services to companies ranging from 10 to 3,000 employees. The company has built a distribution network that includes IT resellers and white label partners across Canada, the U.S. and, more recently, Europe.

High tech companies, not-for profits, municipalities, accounting firms, law firms, real estate brokerages and hospitality services – all have turned to HostedBizz.

Why? For the convenience of having a flexible and elastic cloud infrastructure service where they don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting of managing it themselves or paying for anything they don’t need.

For any Canadian organization using HostedBizz’s services, data sovereignty is assured. Sensitive data never resides outside the country – something which U.S.-based providers can’t always guarantee.

All of this is supported by HostedBizz’s network of Tier 3 data centres – the most robust data centre certification available in Canada – using multiple redundant carrier-grade network service providers across the country.

“We’ve built a truly utility-based consumption model,” said Jim. “Customers can provision any of the cloud services offered on our platform, get billed for what they use, then shut resources down and resume them again later.”

It’s almost ironic, considering Paul’s background in an industry that was built on locking customers into multiyear contracts with limited flexibility.

“You can’t have a flexible cloud under those kind of contractual terms,” Paul said. “We are fully committed to the dynamic and elastic use of the cloud for businesses of all sizes.”


“We felt that HostedBizz truly understood our business and network/cloud needs as we consolidated numerous service contracts with multiple service providers into one integrated package with a single point of contact. Their responsive customer service has reassured us that we made the right choice.”

– Bill Chwedchuk CPA,CA, COO, Carefor Health and Community Services