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Hope is housing for Salus clients

Nestled inconspicuously within the heart of Ottawa's neighborhoods, Salus’ stable housing buildings offer a home for hundreds of people in our city living with mental illness and substance use disorders

Jon (right) and Salus Community Developer Théoneste (left) holding Jon’s high school diploma
Jon (right) and Community Developer Théoneste (left) holding Jon’s high school diploma.

Within the walls of Salus’ buildings, stories of growth and healing unfold daily – among them is Jonathan-Raymond’s (Jon) story, a determined young man whose journey from instability to independent living is a testament of recovery and resilience. 

Developing and nurturing critical life skills with Salus

Jon’s journey with Salus began at Fisher, one of Salus’ Transitional Rehabilitation Programs, where he lived for about 11 months after leaving the hospital. 

Acknowledged widely as a cutting-edge approach to recovery support, Transitional Rehabilitation Programs assist adults recovering from mental illness while living in a neighbourhood setting.

Salus’ mental health programs and services work collaboratively to meet the unique needs of each client, giving them the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life in the community.

Jon acknowledges Salus’ pivotal role in his successful transition to independent living. He shares that the program instilled in him a sense of responsibility – nurturing his skills in household management, group activities and cooking.

Jon participated in mandatory programming, but often did additional chores around the house or lent an extra hand in the kitchen. 

 Jon flashes a smile when he recalls his time spent with Salus’ recreology staff enjoying ping pong, foosball, running and biking. As someone who loves to keep active, these activities played a significant role in his recovery journey and overall health and well being.  

Jon’s next chapter  

Graduating from Fisher in 2019 marked an important milestone for Jon as it signified a new chapter in his life, moving from his time at Fisher to live in his very own apartment in a Salus-owned building.  

Living independently now, Jon is thriving in his supportive Salus community. He appreciates the positive connections he has built with his neighbours, and his onsite Salus Community Developer, Théoneste.

As good neighbours do, Jon gladly helps with taking the garbage out and his neighbour reciprocates by preparing home-cooked meals for him – a heartwarming example of the sense of community Salus buildings help to foster. 

Jon acknowledges that without Salus, he would not have a stable home. Now, his apartment provides him the freedom to rest and pursue his ambitions.

Home is where you can just sit back and relax and move forward. It’s the place you always have to come back to,” says Jon.  

Driven by his determination to progress in life and “move forward,” Jon recently obtained his high school diploma and is exploring jobs in the healthcare sector, such as a hospital orderly or a porter.  

In recognition of this accomplishment, Théoneste nominated Jon for an Achievement Award at Salus’ upcoming Client and Community Partner Appreciation event.

Not only do Community Developers provide onsite housing support to tenants, but they also work to help clients problem solve, address issues that may arise in the building, and generally help build healthy neighbourly relationships.  

Jon’s journey is just one example of the transformative impact of Salus’ innovative programming and housing support for people in our community.  

Community support for client recovery

Looking to the near future, Salus is thrilled to once again be hosting their signature fundraising event, Soirée Salus, at the prestigious Embassy of France on October 3rd, 2023.

Every dollar raised as part of this memorable event will provide affordable and supportive housing options for clients like Jon. 

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