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Ottawa’s new local fibre network provider is ready to connect the region’s businesses

Hiboo Networks is ready to connect the region’s businesses
Hiboo Networks is ready to connect the region’s businesses

Since launching their network last year, Hiboo Networks, a new local fibre optic network provider, has been expanding across the region with a clear mission in mind: to give Ottawa’s businesses the connectivity experience they deserve.

“Ottawa is home to some of the most innovative businesses in the world,” says Christopher Emery, general manager at Hiboo Networks. Owned by Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., Hiboo Networks provides enterprise internet, ethernet and wavelength services exclusively for businesses and public sector organizations in the National Capital Region.

“Our city’s businesses deserve to work with a telecom service provider who will support their success with flexible commercial terms and local sales and service available by phone, email or through our digital portal.”

Revitalizing a historic Ottawa site

Hiboo Networks owns and operates a 100 per cent fibre optic network designed for Ottawa. Originally built by Hydro Ottawa to support their electrical infrastructure, this advanced network is now being expanded to serve the evolving needs of businesses and organizations across the region.

As a home-grown network, it seems fitting that Hiboo’s data centre is housed in a space that represents Ottawa’s innovative spirit.

Their state-of-the-art data centre is located in a historic downtown building on Slater Street. Over the past century, the site has served as an operations hub, the head office of the Ottawa Hydro Electric Commission and as an electrical substation.

The space sat empty for years until it found new life as the central hub for Hiboo’s core network equipment.  

“It was exciting to transform this site from a dusty storage space to a modern data centre. We created a resilient hub with advanced features, including robust security, back-up power systems and redundant fibre cables,” explains Charles Berndt, director of technology and network operations at Hiboo Networks.

“When we built the space, we made sure to have plenty of room to grow our footprint of equipment in order to serve the region with high capacity today and into the future.”

A community-first telecom provider

As a proudly local company, Hiboo Networks wants to ensure the needs of Ottawa’s business community are heard.

After chatting with hundreds of businesses about their connectivity challenges, the team noticed a strong demand for enhanced internet service reliability and an overall better customer experience from telecom service providers.

For Hiboo, it is this open and ongoing dialogue that informs their services and enables them to tailor their solutions.

“We understand the challenges impacting businesses in the region,” says Emery. “Not only do we live and work in Ottawa too, but we never assume what our customers need or want. We consult with local businesses about their priorities so they can become our priorities too.”

As Hiboo continues to expand their network, they are starting right at home in Kanata North, the largest technology hub in Canada and the location of Hiboo’s new head office.

Hiboo’s arrival has presented a unique opportunity for businesses to get high-speed internet directly from one of their neighbours. Jack Gulas, managing director at Improving Ottawa, notes that personalized support is one of the major advantages of working with a local provider.

“Hiboo Networks has been a true connectivity partner to Improving Ottawa,” Gulas says. “They took the time to understand our needs and budget and provided hands-on support every step of the way. We are thrilled to work with a local provider who is so passionate about supporting businesses in Ottawa.”

It is this kind of feedback that motivates the Hiboo team to continue building momentum and expand their reach to every business in the National Capital Region.

“We are dedicated to empowering our community through providing reliable, high-speed fibre solutions that will enable our customers’ success,” Emery says. “As Ottawa’s businesses grow and thrive, Hiboo Networks is excited to be right there alongside them supporting their connectivity needs.”