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Healthpartners Canada

HealthPartners strives to build healthy workplaces, healthy Canadians and healthy charities

Healthpartners logo
Healthpartners logo

HealthPartners strives to build healthy workplaces, healthy Canadians and healthy charities. We do this by marshalling the strength and resources of our 16 partner health charities — the most trusted and well-known in  Canada — to help workplaces engage their employees, promote wellness programs that create healthier employees and workplaces, and ultimately improve the lives of Canadians, especially the 87% who will be touched by chronic disease or major illness during their lifetime.

HealthPartners works with employers and employees to: reduce the rate of chronic disease in our country; help employers engage their employees in managing their health outcomes; and find new resources for our health partner charities to save more lives.

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Geographic region of focus

National, with local impact in every province and territory including in the National Capital Region.

Funding priorities

Small Steps program — This program is designed to highlight how we can take responsibility for and control of our own health. Through small steps centred on five health pillars — nutrition, hydration, physical activity, sleep and mental well-being — Canadians of all ages can work to improve their health and, ultimately, help reduce their risk of chronic disease.

How you can help


HealthPartners’ mission is to reduce the rate of chronic disease; help employees improve their health outcomes; and save more lives by supporting life-saving health research. Donations to HealthPartners go towards supporting the wide range of programs and services offered in communities across the country by our 16 partner
health charities. These programs and services help people we know and love manage their disease/illness and improve their quality of life. Donations also go toward ground-breaking research designed to improve and save lives.


Volunteers are a major piece of the puzzle at HealthPartners. Without volunteers — who share their stories, serve as ambassador health advocates and help to raise awareness — we would be unable to create healthy workplaces, healthy Canadians and healthy charities. There are numerous opportunities to get involved as a volunteer with HealthPartners or with one of our partner organizations.

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Programming and community outreach

Annual workplace giving campaigns

HealthPartners runs workplace charitable giving campaigns in both the private and public sectors all year ’round, as well as the annual Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC).

In addition, we partner with provincial governments (e.g., New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island) to help run targeted giving campaigns. These campaigns are used to inform residents in that particular province about the community programs, services and life-changing research being undertaken by our 16 partner charities, and to highlight the impact that donations have on improving people’s health and well-being.

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Annual events

HealthPartners supports Canada’s 16 largest and most trusted health charities, which conduct events across the country, in your neighbourhood and community, throughout the year. We also support and organize wellness programs in workplaces across the country. These programs include our Small Steps program, which is designed to make a real difference in the health of individuals by showing people how they can take small steps to improved health.

Board executives and members

Headshot of Eileen DooleyHeadshot of Rick Perciante

Rick Perciante, Canadian Cancer Society
Leigh Allard, The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT
Tim Berry, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada
Charlotte Comrie, Heart and Stroke Foundation
Bev Crandell, Parkinson Canada
Eileen Dooley, HealthPartners Canada
Jill Bridgman, ALS Society of Canada
Scott Russell, Alzheimer Society of Canada
Mapy Villaudy, Diabetes Canada
Deborah Currie, Canadian Hemophilia Society
Melanie Kearns, Canadian Liver Foundation
Jeffrey Hoffman, Huntington Society of Canada
Martha Beaumont, Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Jim O’Brien, The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Louis Adam, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada – Quebec Division
Paul Haddad, The Arthritis Society
Jeff Sparks, Muscular Dystrophy Canada

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