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Give your team a taste of adventure at Camp Fortune

A short drive from downtown Ottawa lies a trifecta of fun

A woman crawls on the aerial adventure rope bridge.

In 2017, Camp Fortune got the catalyst it needed to breathe some summer life into the three-sided mountain known locally for its skiing — until now. 

The resort received a grant from Tourism Quebec, which allowed it to upgrade its facilities and enhance its summer attractions, which includes the newly renovated and expanded day lodge as well the addition of the mountain coaster and peak-to-peak zip line.

Camp Fortune’s Manitoba-born-and-bred president, Peter Sudermann, knew there was plenty of opportunity to build on the resort’s storied past. Named for Garret Fortune’s logging camp more than 100 years ago, the area didn’t become a ski resort until 1920. 

Camp Fortune president, Peter Sudermann in front of the mountain coaster

Back then, the kind of adventure you could expect was a little different. “People used to take the train into Chelsea, climb the hill all day, and then cross-country ski home,” said Sudermann, who took over the resort in 1994.

Before moving to Ottawa, this prairie boy was accustomed to driving eight hours to Thunder Bay to enjoy some skiing, which is why finding a place like Camp Fortune so close to Ottawa was a treat. “It was incredible that you could find great skiing just 15-minutes from downtown,” he said.

After winning the Quebec tourism grant with the help of a professional consultant from Canada’s resort capital, Whistler, B.C., Sudermann and his team are thrilled to share more opportunities for adventure. 

  • Lodge addtion outside
  • Camp Fortune Lodge addition inside

A new lodge and a trifecta of fun

One of the biggest improvements has already been realized: a brand new lodge. 

The former structure was upgraded to accommodate the weekend ski crowds. “We’ve loved hearing people say they’re happy to have the extra space and appreciate the new flow,” said Sudermann.

The lodge sets the stage to welcome more visitors this summer, particularly hybrid teams who need some face-to-face bonding time.

And there are plenty of activities to bring your team together, both old and new.

In addition to the lodge, the aerial adventure park — which they’ve offered for nearly 10 years — also got an upgrade. And another Camp Fortune standard, mountain biking, was joined by the mountain coaster in 2021. The jewel in Camp Fortune’s crown could be their peak-to-peak ziplining course, added in May of 2023.

Sudermann likes to call the aerial adventure park, mountain coaster and ziplining course, “the triathlon”, but you can mix and match these activities any way you’d like. Whether it’s getting warmed up on the mountain coaster before finishing with the zipline’s bungee jump, you’re in store for a memorable experience.

“We can definitely fill an entire day,” said Sudermann.

  • Freefall jump tower
  • Peak to Peak Zipline
  • Mountain coaster in fall

How your team benefits

What your team will enjoy most about Camp Fortune is a bit of quality time together.

Rather than engaging in activities like ‘trust falls’, the bonding that happens at Camp Fortune is based on a shared experience where co-workers encourage each other to overcome their fears and challenges.

“We take people out of their comfort zone a little,” said Sudermann. “But we promise they’ll have an exhilarating day to talk about amongst their virtual coworkers for weeks to come.” That said, the bungee jump at the end of the peak-to-peak zip lining experience is indeed optional.

The new lodge also comes with spaces equipped to host meetings and conferences, so your trip can be purely recreational, or a fully catered a work-play event.

For Sudermann, hearing the cries of joy from guests enjoying themselves is the best measure of success. 

“When all you hear are the screams of laughter, you know you’ve hit the mark,” he said.