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Getting Your Business Started Today

Bruce Lazenby
Bruce Lazenby

By Bruce Lazenby,

President and CEO, Invest Ottawa

Turning a dream into a reality can be a bit like hunting for treasure without a map; you know the target but you’re unsure about the little steps along the way. Let Invest Ottawa be that roadmap. Our mission is to guide each prospective entrepreneur along their unique path.

Workshops and Seminars

Every day, we host free workshops for entrepreneurs interested in learning new skills. These sessions have helped thousands of small business owners quickly ramp-up and understand the common issues faced when starting and growing a business. E-Commerce, legal considerations, market research, bookkeeping and importing/exporting are just some of the topics covered.  All of our speakers are experienced professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs who happily share their lessons learned.  


We’re looking for the brightest and most talented people with the best ideas. Our incubator is focused on ensuring startups are ready to meet with investors. From day one, companies are matched to a mentor and coach. This relationship remains in place for a company’s typical residency of six months to one year.  Startups also have access to networking events, workshops with thought leaders, market research and much more.  The goal is to create an environment that prepares companies to find successful growth through financing or market entry. 

But we aren’t the only game in town – Ottawa has a thriving start-up community with a multitude of programs to incubate a variety of different businesses across an array of industries and stages. Let us help you figure out the right one for your startup.   

Business Advice 

Getting the right advice early on can save time and money. Invest Ottawa has a range of mentorship services designed to help you avoid common pitfalls. Mentorship and business advice may be general or specific depending on your company’s needs and requirements. Most of our mentors have started and grown successful global companies across several knowledge-based industries, raising significant funds from angel and venture capital investors. They have additional expertise in other areas like partnership development, mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings.

This just scratches the surface regarding all the ways Invest Ottawa can help your business. Please visit to find out more.