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Get Ottawa Sens tickets on demand – and on your schedule

Photo of a crowd cheering during an Ottawa Senators game w Andlauer

Ottawa Senators fans are in for a treat as the local hockey club rolls out a more customizable way to catch a game, to suit any lifestyle.

The Sens on Demand ticket package is a step away from traditional season seats, where fans are provided a pre-determined game schedule and have the same seats each game. The new program allows fans to purchase a value bank at the start of the season and redeem them whenever they choose – giving them the opportunity to pick the games they want to attend and the different seating options they want, all on their own timeline. Fans can purchase a Sens on Demand package starting at just $600, with payment plans available.

“It’s a more manageable program for fans who don’t want to commit to a full slate of games,” says Brendan Du Vall, associate director of corporate business at the Ottawa Senators. “The organization understands that attending 44 home games is not always realistic.”

Du Vall says Sens on Demand differs because, “If you’re planning ahead or it’s last minute and you decide you want to go to a game, [you can] just log in to your account and redeem some tickets.”

Du Vall was one of the key players in designing the new Sens on Demand platform and has been with the management team for 15 years overseeing much of the sales and revenue for the ticketing division. He says the idea was spurred by the changes in how fans consume sports and attend live games.

“We [have already] had a number of current Season Seat Members migrate to Sens on Demand because it suits their lifestyle better,” he says, adding that Season Seat members see this as a unique way to enter the season seat program without committing to a 22 or 44 game schedule.

On top of the customization and flexibility, fans who join the Sens on Demand program get exclusive offers, including savings on merchandise, concessions and access to advance playoff tickets.

The flexibility of the program is also well suited for businesses looking for creative ways to entertain clients or reward hard-working employees, as well as families who want to take in a game on their own schedule.

It’s an exciting idea that could change the sports experience across the league, says Du Vall.

“We were one of, if not the first, team in the NHL to offer this type of program,” he says. “It’s something unique that a number of other teams have since replicated in their own way.”

For fans that are still looking for the traditional season ticket package, not to worry – the standard full and half-season seat packages will always still be available. Sens on Demand is simply a new way to reach the audience and engage fans in the city, adds Duvall.

“We are constantly looking for ways to add value to our fan experience, our Season Seat Member experience,  and, for us, giving fans more opportunities to watch the Sens play was it,” says Du Vall. “We want it to be a great experience from the time fans purchase tickets, to the time they make their way home – ideally after a Sens win of course!”

Get your Sens on Demand tickets!

To find out more about the program, and how you can get tickets, visit the Ottawa Sens website today.