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From foster kid to Ottawa entrepreneur

Local author pens first book, published by the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

Lual Lual at his book launch
Lual Lual at his book launch

Most entrepreneurs have a story of how they came to be their own boss, and it’s usually filled with twists, turns, upsets and – eventually – victories.

Lual Lual, an Ottawa entrepreneur and author, is no exception.

Lual recently launched his first book, From Foster Care to Entrepreneurship, which details his life experiences both in and out of foster care, emphasizing the many valuable lessons he learned along the way.

“I am excited to share my story in the hope that it can inspire others,” says Lual. “I wrote this book because I wanted to show people how the Children’s Aid Society helps kids transform their lives, replacing despair and uncertainty with confidence and hope.”

While Lual has had a hand in a number of ventures, he currently sits as the CEO of Fortune South Sudan, an investment and development firm based in the east African country.

Lual was born in Sudan, but grew up in Ottawa after immigrating to Canada with his family. His journey is filled with challenges including navigating his parents’ separation and dealing with the constant displacement of living in shelters and foster homes.

The book launched on Aug. 15 at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa’s east-end office. It was emceed by Ottawa media personality Mark Sutcliffe, who is himself an author and the CEO of Great River Media.

The launch was attended by a number of local dignitaries, including Walter Noble, the Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa’s executive director.

“Lual offers tremendous insight into what life is like for children in care and how many different people can impact their lives in positive ways,” said Noble ahead of the event.

In an extension of the hopeful spirit ingrained in From Foster Care to Entrepreneurship, the book was published by Great River Media with the support of The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, The Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa and the Bookworm Club of Ontario.

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