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Free workshop series demystifies the green economy for Ottawa businesses

Most Ottawa professionals know that taking action on climate is necessary. But many question how they can integrate concerns for the environment into the day-to-day operations of their small and medium-sized businesses.

Local environmental organization EnviroCentre is tackling the topic head-on in a free workshop series delivered to Ottawa businesses until the end of March 2020. Titled, “Let’s Talk Green Economy,” the two-hour workshops cover a range of topics and aim to provide entrepreneurs and workplaces with practical information on reducing their environmental impact without losing sight of the bottom line.

“Sustainability and good business go hand in hand,” says Sharon Coward, EnviroCentre’s executive director. “Businesses have a lot to gain by reducing their greenhouse emissions, and it’s not just because of cost savings. As we move towards a decarbonized economy, the economic landscape will change and with it will come new opportunities.

The best bet for local businesses, she adds, is to be ready to adapt.

The workshops included in the Let’s Talk Green Economy will provide Ottawa entrepreneurs with practical information as well as tangible measures they can immediately implement in their workplaces.

The workshops are being delivered in-person and online at business and public spaces. All are free to attend. To learn more visit:

Make Green Economy Work for Your Business:

Get past the jargon and give your business a competitive advantage.

10 Steps to a Low Carbon Workplace:

Learn how to assess your current greenhouse gas impact and simple ways to reduce it.

Building Retrofits for SMEs – Where to Start and From Plan to Project:

Learn how to make savings in renovation and even how to reach net zero.

Retrofitting to Net Zero – Knowing the Landscape and Getting it Right:

Ideal for builders, renovators and contractors interested in net zero housing.