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Flexible data 101

A businessman holds a smartphone and a coffee cup.
A businessman holds a smartphone and a coffee cup.

What is it and how can it benefit your business?

In today’s mobile-driven, always-connected world, it’s vital for small -business owners – and their teams – to be equipped with mobile devices and, more importantly, a data plan. Having a data plan in place means you and your employees can always take your work with you on the go and use your smartphones or tablets to stay connected and productive wherever you happen to be. 

And your best bet could be signing up for a flexible data plan.

What’s a flexible data plan? 

Put simply, a flexible data plan is exactly what it sounds like: flexible. It’s a data plan that adjusts itself as you go, so that you and your team are only paying for the monthly data you need. 

With a flexible data plan, you’re not limited to a set number of megabytes or gigabytes per month – you start each month with a bucket of data (e.g., 100 MB), and if your work demands more, your plan automatically adjusts to the next tier up (e.g., 500 MB) to give it to you. As the month goes on and you continue to consume data or reach tier limits, your plan likewise continues to adjust and move you to the next tier if needed. That way, there’s always more data available to you and you’ll never inadvertently run out of data right in the middle of an important task.

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