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Five gadgets that can make your office “smarter”

From a better mouse to an interactive social-media meter, these gadgets will help your staff work better and faster


A fine line divides the technologies that improve processes and build business and those that promise a lot but just end up getting in our way. The key to making sure your office is filled only with the former is to understand what you need and then shop smart. Smart devices, that is. Here are five clever office gadgets that can solve problems, increase productivity, and help give your company and workers a competitive edge.

Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse

You’re unlikely to find a more comfortable mouse than the Speedlink Obsidia. It’s considerably bigger and bulkier than most, but that’s because it was painstakingly designed to perfectly accommodate the shape and position of your hand when mousing, with buttons located and angled to match the natural resting points of your fingers and thumb. Add in a rubberized coating that’s equal parts grippy and comfy, and easily adjustable optical sensor resolution, and the Obsidia is a must for desk jockeys who spend hours every day with mouse in hand.

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