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Five Canadian female business leaders share their inspiration

Female entrepreneurship
Female entrepreneurship

To celebrate diversity in the workplace, we asked female business leaders across the country: Who or what has inspired you in your career?

Here is what they shared:

Aneela Zaib, CEO of EmergiTel, a Canadian owned and operated company providing recruiting, managed services and HR solutions:

“Little did I know about my future, before I embarked upon my journey to this beautiful immigrant friendly country, Canada. I was just 25, married, expecting my first child, when we made the big move to do my Masters in Engineering. I literally had no money, no network and no association to plan big in life. It was my zest to perform, my determination to succeed and the constant support of my family that boosted me all the way till here, as the Founder and CEO of the fastest growing IT recruitment agency.

“Like most newcomers, I too struggled to create a niche for myself as a women in tech. This basically instilled in me the passion to mentor and help newcomers, and local job seekers who face struggles daily to get a good job that matches their skills and expertise. I also strongly believe unity lies in diversity, and therefore, wish to continue being an ambassador for newcomers, youth and women to create and support an inclusive workplace, ensuring hiring happens on the grounds of one’s skills and expertise only!”

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