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Enigmatic Group of Companies

Enigmatic Group of Companies
Photographed from left to right: Sashien Godakandae (CEO, Enigmatic Group), Daniyal Zafar (President, Enigmatic Group), Alexei Dela-Cuesta (COO, Surgo Studios), Bryan Giron (CEO, Surgo Studios)

Ottawa’s Enigmatic Group of Companies has acquired Surgo Studios, a top North American video marketing agency.

The move aims to revolutionize digital marketing, especially in short-form video content. Daniyal Zafar, president of Enigmatic Group Group, said the acquisition would utilize Enigmatic Group’s resources to boost Surgo’s revenue.

Zafar and CEO Sashien Godakandae co-founded Enigmatic Group to help other businesses grow. Zafar has managed over $50 million in ad budgets, while Godakandae, an MBA, specializes in business operations and investments.

“Enigmatic Group is an investment holding company with a twist,” said Godakandae. “We combine capital, sales, marketing, and operations to propel businesses.” The partnership with Surgo began a year ago, initially introducing Surgo to potential clients.

Godakandae emphasized that Enigmatic Group offers more than just capital; they provide operational expertise. Bryan Giron, Surgo’s CEO, said they specialize in creating viral videos and aim to be the world’s best agency for engaging content. Surgo has already achieved over 150 million views for its clients.

The acquisition will benefit Surgo through Zap Media, Enigmatic Group’s largest subsidiary and a Forbes Agency Council Member. Zap Media drives revenue for businesses under Enigmatic Group and has been operational for two years.

Zafar highlighted Enigmatic Group’s hands-on approach, focusing on business operations and efficiency. “We help you hire the right people and allocate your time where you excel,” he said. Giron agreed, stating that scaling involves more than creative work; it’s about managing finances and culture.

Zafar concluded by outlining Enigmatic Group’s vision: a circle of mutually supportive companies. “Clients can transition seamlessly between different businesses under Enigmatic Group, receiving a full range of services,” he said.

The acquisition is a game-changer, uniting two dynamic entities and promising to set new industry standards while offering a comprehensive approach to business growth.

Enigmatic Group of Companies
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