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Encrypt, shred and spread: Leonovus leverages blockchain for user-controlled cybersecurity solution

Local cloud-based security firm hosts live panel discussion at AGM

Not that long ago, the safest place for your data was behind the walls of a high-security data centre.

But as technology has evolved, so too have its antagonists, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

With more of our data moving into the cloud, security firms must find ways of guarding data that go beyond the limits of a firewall or data centre.

Leonovus, an Ottawa security firm making waves with its blockchain hardened object storage solution, explored the latest safeguard measures at its recent annual general meeting.

Panelists included:

  • Alyson Gaffney, vice-president of partnerships and marketing;

  • Tim Bramble, vice-president of product management

  • James LaPalme, vice-president of sales; and

  • Ian Campbell, the CEO of iConect, a partner firm with Leonovus.

The Leonovus 3.0 solution follows three simple steps: encrypt, shred and spread. Data is encrypted upon ingestion, then broken down into smaller components. These are then spread across a variety of storage points, which can include data centres, cloud and multi-cloud solutions.

In part, Leonovus is able to achieve this through the firm’s employment of object storage. In contrast to other data management architectures, object storage treats pieces of data like objects, enabling more nuanced classification.

“Object storage offers a lot more,” says Bramble. “What is apparent about object storage is that it is really the building block of the next generation of applications in the cloud.

Though the Leonovus 3.0 solution has a range of applications that span different industries, there is one common thread that links its end users: control over their data is a top priority.