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Enabling the Canadian military to adapt to the changing needs of its equipment


When it comes to maintaining mission-critical equipment, it is crucial that technical data is kept up-to-date and accurate across all publications.

The Canadian military relies on a large number of technical manuals for training, operation, maintenance, damage control, parts catalogs, etc. throughout the full lifecycle of its equipment. 

However, managing and validating this massive number of documents, presents a complex challenge which traditional publishing approaches cannot accommodate.

The S1000D framework helps overcome limitations imposed by current processes.

If suppliers change, parts get replaced, or new equipment is introduced – all of the supporting documentation needs to be updated to reflect these changes. 

S1000D provides the full blueprint to turn this complex task into a simplified and manageable process, while maintaining strict quality control at each step.

S1000D is the international specification for technical publications for aviation, marine, land and commercial equipment.

The reason that S1000D is so powerful, is that it focuses on breaking information down into small building blocks known as “Data Modules”. It then provides an effective blueprint for fitting these building blocks together to form large, complex sets of documentation.

However, a great deal of expertise is required to tailor S1000D for a specific organization. 

That’s why Promaxis combined our expertise in S1000D, and our experience with the Department of National Defence (DND), to create a proven, structured process to help the Canadian military reap the benefits of the S1000Dframework.

Promaxis has 40+ years of experience providing technical and engineering support across all three branches of the military.

We understand the challenges and common issues that the Canadian military faces when trying to create spec-compliant documentation, so our solution is designed to reflect these needs. 

We can automatically validate content against pre-established business rules, as well as specifications such as C-01-100-100/ AG-006, in order to produce compliant CFTOs.

Furthermore, this proven solution enables us to partner with OEMs and large companies who leverage our solution in order to support their deliverables to DND.

The result? Creating a structured system for DND that helps manage and validate technical data from a number of different suppliers. 

The main benefits ofS1000D include: 

1. Adapting to your changing business needs. Using a “building block” approach gives you greater flexibility in the way you reuse and publish your technical data. This, combined with the use of a non-propriety format, ensures that the solution can adapt to your needs, even as business requirements and technology change. 

2. Ensuring the accuracy of technical data. A structured approach to documentation allows you to integrate strict quality control at every step of the process, and track changes down to the exact word. 

3. Reducing turnaround times for documentation. Reusing content across related documents, and automating tasks such as formatting, results in a significantly reduced level of effort – which lets you get important data to the field, faster. 

4. Publishing to multiple formats, with just one click. Easily publish hardcopies, PDFs and other digital formats, such as Interactive Manuals, without any added work. Because the format is independent of the written content, the exact same text file can be published to various different outputs. 

5. Integrating into existing systems. The way technical data is structured with S1000D, allows it to feed other applications such as digital logistics or parts catalogs within DRMIS. 

A proven process designed for the Department of National Defence (DND)

Promaxis has a proven track record of converting DND’s existing technical documents to an S1000D-compliant solution. 

Our in-depth understanding of DND’s business requirements has allowed us to develop a solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of DND, and that ensures much greater quality control.

Promaxis has developed in-house tools to ensure a structured approach for converting, creating, maintaining and publishing a large number of technical documents quickly, while maintaining the integrity of your technical data.

Our process supports DND directly, as well as OEMs and large companies with their own deliverables to DND. 

To request more information, or discuss partnership opportunities, contact Cyril Maillet at