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Elite Accounting is now TAAG: The Andrew Abraham Group

Andrew Abraham
Andrew Abraham is the founder of the Andrew Abraham Group. File photo

Local full-service accounting firm, Elite Accounting, recently announced that it is changing its name to TAAG: The Andrew Abraham Group (“TAAG”).

“When I started Elite Accounting from my home 13 years ago, I never could have imagined how quickly and successfully it would grow,” said Ottawa native Andrew Abraham, CEO, and founder of TAAG Corporation. “Our philosophy from day one has been about creating prosperity for our clients – both corporate and individual, and that means quality of life as well as financial independence. That’s why we adopted the motto: Life. Beyond numbers.™ Prosperity is both wealth and the time to enjoy it.”

“I grew up in a small business environment here in Ottawa and I learned very quickly that business is very personal. My values – integrity, hard work, innovation, and service – are at the core of everything we do with our clients and in the community. There is nothing more personal than your name. So we decided to use my name in the title of our new organization to reflect our values.”

Besides Elite Accounting, TAAG includes a number of other related companies that have evolved from the full-service accounting practice. In the near future, TAAG will be adding a Multi-Family Office service, providing financial and business planning to high-net-worth (HNW) families as well as a range of other services including tax planning, the management of intergenerational wealth transfer, and guidance on charitable giving.

In total, TAAG will have over 30 employees by the end of July when it moves to its new corporate headquarters at Bank and Cooper Street in Ottawa.

“We are extremely committed to Ottawa and the downtown core as our home base,” says Abraham. “Ottawa is my home and I want TAAG to be an integral part of the private business development that is so necessary for this city. There are many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that rely on an active central business district for their prosperity.”

In addition to the relocation of its office to Bank Street, TAAG has opened a full-service office in Arnprior.

“This is only the beginning for TAAG,” says an excited Abraham. “We have a wonderful team of skilled and diverse professionals, as well as extremely loyal and committed clients. Together we hope to build not only business and individual success, but also a caring and prosperous community.”

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