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Eight things highly efficient small business owners do

One expert shares his tips on how to make the best use of your time

A man takes notes as he talks on the phone.
A man takes notes as he talks on the phone.

Running a small or mid-sized business takes a lot of time. Most SMB owners can’t just concentrate on one aspect of their business. They need to be involved in everything – from manufacturing to sales to administration. Making the most of their available hours is a crucial skill for successful SMB owners. Below are eight things highly efficient SMB owners do, according to Roger Pierce, a Toronto-based SMB expert, entrepreneur and author.

1. Make a weekly task list. It’s important to prepare a list of things to do for the coming week if you want to make the most of your time. Put the key tasks (like writing a proposal) into your schedule and less important things into a ‘To Do’ list you can tackle when you’re not as busy.

2. Delegate. You don’t have time to do everything yourself, especially as your business grows. “Efficient entrepreneurs and SMB owners know how to manage other people and their workloads,” Pierce said.

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