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Doing good can be good for business

Hydro Ottawa turns e-billing drive into CHEO fundraiser

Children with thank you signs
Children with thank you signs

How can you benefit your business by benefitting the community? 

Hydro Ottawa has found a way in its effort to reduce operational costs and paper waste by encouraging customers to switch to e-billing.

For the past three years, Hydro Ottawa has run its Go Paperless campaign. In the 2015 edition, which ran from August-December of last year, the utility donated $5 to the Max Keeping Fund for Kids at CHEO for each customer who switched to e-billing. Hydro Ottawa even donated another $5 for each customer who also registered for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

“It really was a win-win-win from our perspective,” said Bryce Conrad, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa. “It helps us to cut our costs, it reduces our environmental impact, and the proceeds went directly to an organization that is the heart of this city.”

Given CHEO’s place in the hearts and minds of residents, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that the latest Go Paperless campaign was a runaway success. At the end of 2015, Hydro Ottawa had 102,007 customers, or about 31.5 per cent of its customer base, enjoying the convenience and security of e-billing. The target was 100,000. Enrolment in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan also exceeded its target.

As a result, $90,980 was donated to the Max Keeping Fund for Kids. The Fund helps families cover medical expenses related to their child’s medical care, such as travel, lodging, or specialized treatment or equipment.

“Hydro Ottawa thought outside the box, and came up with the e-billing program that makes life more convenient for its customers while raising money for the families who need CHEO,” said Jacqueline Belsito, VP, Philanthropy & Community Engagement at the CHEO Foundation. 

“When a company uses this type of forward thinking and integrates customer service with its fundraising efforts, the result is often a win-win for them and the children and youth at CHEO. This is definitely the case with Hydro Ottawa’s e-billing program and we can’t thank them enough for this commitment to CHEO.”

When looking at how you can change your organization for the better, consider how you can encourage staff and customers to jump on board by supporting a worthy cause.