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Diversity 101 for Small Businesses

Kylie Toh
Kylie Toh

Kylie Toh, the founder and executive director of Chic Geek, discusses promoting and fostering diversity in the workplace:

Tell us about yourself and your role with Chic Geek.

I’m the founder and executive direct of Chic Geek, a non-profit building a welcoming, supportive community for women in technology and entrepreneurship. Chic Geek hosts speaker events, a 6-month mentorship program and a conference to celebrate women advancing technology.

My background is in communications and I’m a self-taught graphic and web designer. I’m passionate about community building and in my spare time, I love crafting and catching Pokemon.

What is the value of promoting and fostering diversity in the workplace, and how can it enhance the profitability of a startup or an entrepreneur?

Diversity needs to be a priority in the workplace. Melinda Gates said it best – if we don’t make changes now, we’ll code unconscious bias into artificial intelligence. That’s scary. 

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