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Did you know that a CAA membership is one of the best investments you could make for your business?

You already know that getting a CAA membership is one of the smartest decisions you can make. But did you know that it’s also one of the best investments you could make for your business?

Extending all the perks and privileges of a CAA membership to your employees through a CAA corporate membership is a great way to incentivize your workforce, improve morale and gain loyalty.

Show your employees you care by going the extra mile and offering them a CAA corporate membership. Best of all, protection on the road is extended to them in any car they drive: their own personal vehicles, taxis, rental cars –even bikes!

But don’t take it from us, read on to find out what CAA corporate client Adolfo Fonseca, director of Qualicare Ottawa, has to say about the benefits of CAA corporate membership:

CAA: What made you consider protecting your employees with a CAA membership?
Adolfo Fonseca (AF): Qualicare Ottawa is a home-care services provider and our goal is to help families and their loved ones overcome difficult times and reduce stress. In order for our employees to fulfill their job duties, they often make visits to clients’ homes. We wanted to ensure that we were taking care of our employees whenever they were on the road by providing them with reliable roadside assistance. We found that CAA was the best option for providing the highest quality support to them.

CAA: What was the registration process like?
AF: Our CAA representative Melanie was an excellent resource. She provided all the information and kept in touch with us to ensure that all of our questions were answered. Having Melanie on-site to introduce the host of CAA benefits to our team made all the difference in generating even more confidence in CAA services and the brand, itself.

CAA: What do your employees find most useful about CAA coverage?
AF: They are confident in CAA and trust that CAA will be there, whenever and wherever they might need them. Our employees especially like the other aspects of a CAA membership, such as the discounts available at CAA Travel stores and on products and services from CAA Rewards® partners.

CAA: Were there any unexpected benefits of having CAA?
AF: Melanie showed us that CAA isn’t just a towing company. Now we know about your travel and insurance business services and offers, as well as the CAA Rewards program, which allows our employees to save money instantly at thousands of partner locations across Canada and around the world.

CAA: What types of businesses do you think would benefit from offering CAA to their employees/staff?
AF: This will help any company with employees who drive or have their own cars, and is even more beneficial to those who are always driving for their job. Ultimately, a CAA Membership is a benefit for any company that values their employees – like we do!

CAA: Would you recommend getting CAA for friends and family?
AF: Definitely, we will keep recommending a CAA membership to our family and friends! Our employees and our personal experiences have reinforced the real value of joining the oldest and largest member-based organization in the Canada … thanks, CAA!

Get your business in on all the benefits of a CAA membership today! Call 1-866-982-1782 or email to get started. For more information, visit:

Michael Browne is the corporate sales manager for CAA North & East Ontario.